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Analog to Digital converter?

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I really like my record collection, and I'd like to to put some of it onto my computer and Ipod, Instead of buying the things all over again. Can anyone give me a how-to to achieve my goal? Equipment wise, I've got the turntable, the phono amp, a few preamps and a power amp. What should i buy to convert the records into digital files (I'm not buying some junky USB turntable, I bought a Rega for that reason). Should I feed whatever i'm supposed to buy through the phono amp, or just the player? Do I need any special software?

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Has USB.  There are a few guides here and there that will suggest which software to use to import and convert, but having the USB turntable is the first step.

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Assuming you already have other equipment there.

A/D Converter should have 2 line level inputs and 24-bit support (24-bit is needed if you plan to do some post processing). USB audio interface is a good choice. There are sooo many options available that you need to 1st set the budged and then start looking the right one. If you need a phono pre-amplifier as well then there are USB phono pre-amplifiers available aswell (but those are usually 16-bit systems). Some audio interfaces does have a phono pre-amplifier as well.

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This is a good starting point if you don't already own an audio interface.




For the actual recording Audacity is more than good enough and free.




p.s. I don't mean to be rude or superior mate. But really. Asking such an open ended and wide ranging question without providing relevant information such as what gear you already own or what your budget and quality expectations are makes it very difficult to help you efficiently. You spent all of 10 seconds writing your post. It's bad manners to expect people to spend much longer than that trying to guess what would suit you best. Likesay. Happy to help. But you need to also show willing and help yourself.

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