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For Sale: Thinksound Rain

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For Sale:
Thinksound Rain

Will Ship To: US

Down the last item, a pair of Thinksound Rains.  I purchased them from a member on this forum a few years back.  The box is a bit worse for the ware, but otherwise in fine condition.  They include:

  • Thinksound Rain IEMs in Silver/Cherry
  • 4 stock tips and wire clip
  • Drawstring bag and box


I'd like to get $30 shipped them.  



Keeping this US only for now.  For more feedback, my old feedback thread on Head-fi can be found here.  


Thanks for looking.




1)  Hifiman HE-5LE.  I bought them from a fellow Head-fier.  That thread can be found here.  


This sale includes:

  • The HE5-LE with a GREQ leather headband  (more info on the GREQ headband here)
  • 4 pin balanced cable  (with 1/4 inch adapter)
  • 1/4 inch cable
  • Connectors to make a custom cable
  • Extra set of pleather pads
  • Travel bag


This sale does not include the wooden box.  


I'm looking for $520 $500  $SOLD shipped and insured via USPS priority.  Add 1.5% to split the paypal fee (or 3%, if you really feel like paying more).  



2) Thinksound MS01.  I bought them new from Amazon in December 2012. They're like new and include:

  • Thinksound MS01 IEMs in Gunmetal/Chocolate
  • 4 stock tips, ear guides, and wire clip 
  • Drawstring bag and box.  


I'm looking for $SOLD shipped for the MS01.


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