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Need help choosing a new pair of over-ear headphones.

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Hi guys! I recently bought 3 pairs of headphones, and i still can't find the one for me, so i came here for your help.

I am little bit of a basshead, i want a headseat that's got good punch, that bass kick (vibrating) feel for dubstep and other bass heavy genres, but still sound good for the rest of genres


I have owned the following hp's:

-steelseries siberia v2 :had them for gaming, broke in 4 months

-razer tiamat 2.2: the bass on these was amazing, but other than that, they sounded terrible.

-sennheiser hd 439: great sound, bass punch wasn't strong enough, also they weren't loud enough for me.

-sennheiser momentum on ear: amazing sound quality, bass punch still isn't enough, and while they're louder than the hd 439, i still need them to be a tad louder, also, they aren't very comfortable with glasses..


I listen to a high variety of music:


2/3 of my music is dubstep, dnb like:


Brass knuckles - lie to you

Red - hymn for the missing (guillotine remix)

Red - death of me (guillotine remix)

Massive attack - paradise circus (zed's dead remix)

skrillex - cinema


some metalcore:

Bring me the horizon -sleepwalking

In fear and faith - rellapse collapse


and other genres:

radiohead - creep

mind the gap - looking for the magic

cris cab - liar liar

john newman - love me again


My budget is about 200$-300$


I want a headphone that has sound quality like the momentum's, but makes the music feel more alive, fun. I want to feel the bass punch, the drums kick.. i want the music to be engaging (i don't really know how to explain xD).Comfort while wearing glasses is also a must.


I would like them to be somewhat portable 'cause i'll be taking them to work.

I will listen to them with my phone Htc One X, and my computer with the Asus Xonar DG soundcard. (i am willing to upgrade the soundcard, or buy a dac/amp like the Fiio e07k if necessary)


Here's some headset's i've been looking at:

closed: ATH-ES7, AKG 701, AKG 550, fidelio L1, sony mdr 1r, v-moda m100 ( a bit over my budget.. but willing to get them if they're worth it)


and, if the sound quality is worth giving un on portability, i am willing to buy open hp too:

fidelio x1, hd 558

I am still open for more headphones recommandations.

I will be buying them either from amazon.de or avstore.ro so i will be able to buy only headphones that are listed there.

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You could try the momentum over ear if you liked the on ear, it's supposed to be more comfy.

Since you're clearly a basshead you'd probably like V-Moda.


I don't think you'll enjoy open cans like the 558 or K701.

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Hmm, ok. How does the v-moda sound for non-bassy genres though? are they clear enough or they sound boomy, canned? Also, do they get loud enough if you listen from a phone? Or should i buy a portable amp ?

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Having never used them I can't comment. I'm sure they're be someone here who can answer your questions. They might even have a big thread somewhere that you can ask in.

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Ok, i've done alot of reading, and it has come down to these two, very different products.

V-Moda M100(330$) and Sennheiser IE 80's(285$).

Which one has better bass punch, more clarity and better soundstage ?

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I suspect you will enjoy the V-Moda - they are fun sounding - punchy bass with some top-end sizzle and decent clarity. They have a V-Shaped, not neutral response.
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Thanks, other opinions ? Is the bass on ie80 deep, punchy enough? i really prefer them to the v-moda 'cause they're more portable and cheaper.

Also how is the soundstage on both?

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