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Hello! :)

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Hi all,


I would consider myself a noob audiophile who recently just got interested in the subject of true high quality audio.  I don't know how I came across the topic of headphone amps, but I just remember clicking random videos in the "suggested" bar on YouTube.


I have a HUGE appreciation for these forums!  I've logged about 10+ hours on this site alone, reading product reviews.


I was looking for a portable headphone amp (I didn't know that such a thing even existed until last night).  These forums helped me make my decision.  It boiled down to the Fiio E11, E07k, or E 17.


Just today, I picked up the E07k.  Slightly cheaper than the E17, and I didn't really need the SPDIF port the E17 had.  Right now, I use my iPod Classic (160GB) exclusively to listen to music while on the go.


Because I use my iPod, I didn't necessarily need the function of the DAC that the E07k comes with, but I thought, "why not?" sort of like an
"in the event of an emergency..." situation.


So far, I'm VERY happy with my purchase, though I'm still contemplating whether I should go with the E17.  The sound quality differences don't seem so big that they will make a HUGE difference to me.


The earbuds I use are average at best.


I got bored while at university, looked for a new hobby, and found myself here.  Haha


I can't wait to see what this baby can do!





I think I found my new favourite website.  Very informative.

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Remember that the headphones will have a much greater effect on the sound you hear than will the specific amp. If you want to change the sound, buy different headphones, not a different amp.
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You use the iPod line-out, right?
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Originally Posted by davidsh View Post

You use the iPod line-out, right?

Yep, I use the L9 cable that Fiio sells, connecting to the pins at the bottom of the iPod

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