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I have been searching around for a new set of phones and as many reviews are out there, very few specify if they are suitable for small heads.

I wear an extra small crash helmet if that helps, I have also been into sony sound systems for as long as I can remember as I have always enjoyed there bass (my dolby surround sound sony system is 20 years old and still sounds as good as the first day it was bought).

I was also looking at the old over the ear sony XB series (xb500/700) but some prices are just stupid and I fear they may be too large to fit comfortably, so I bring this to the professionals.

Price I can be slightly flexible for the right phones but what I am primarily looking for is -:

1, Comfort for my little head

2, bass, I love my dub reggae, dub step but I also like high's, not so much on the med range but the lower the bass the better and sparkling high's but prefer bass over treble, I'm not happy unless my ear bones are rattling :P and have tinnitus because of it but that started many moons ago when my dad used to take us to his gigs when he was a drummer and that got me into bass.

3, Over the ear is a must have, the on ear ones get too uncomfortable and hurt my ears after prolonged use.

4, would prefer closed back as they seem to enhance the bass better.


I am also tempted to buy one of the new sony XB series and replace/modify some pads for over the ear type or even the mdr V55 if they fit as sony are selling them for half price atm.



EDIT* oops posted in wrong section, thought I was in help & recommendations, if a mod doesn't have time to move this thread, I will repost in the relevant section, sorry lol

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