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For Sale: Custom CTH Build

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For Sale:
Custom CTH Build

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I just assembled this custom CTH, and it sounds and looks awesome. Built with a custom case, quality BOM parts, and a few critical BOM upgrades.


* Custom aluminum and Cherry case. Generous vents, and plenty of room for addition upgrades if desired.

* Built using the most current CTH PCB revision.

* Belleson 24V Superpower Regulator. This regulator upgrade elevates this amp to another level.

* Machined Silver RCA Connectors.

* Custom machined aluminum knob.

* Stranded copper/silver wiring throughout.

* Alps RK potentiometer.

* 6/12 Volt tube heater switch.

* External fuse holder.

* Siemens 7308  tube.


If you've wanted a CTH, or had one and miss it - here it is!


$SOLD + shipping + any paypal fees.

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Mike - This was a great deal at its prior price, and is an insanely great deal at its current one. Anyone interested in a tube hybrid that doesn't sound rolled off / excessively tubey would do well to snatch this up. Searching and reading reviews should back this up. I'm half-tempted to buy it myself and I own 2 CTHs:)
Good luck with the sale!
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Thanks Chris! If it doesn't move quick I may just keep it myself :-) Such an awesome little amp; I wanted to make it as accessible as I could to anyone curious.

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Beautiful work. Simple and elegant. Cheers.

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