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HD Radio

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I am putting together a system for my car. I purchased a used head unit that has everything except HD Radio. 


I have never heard HD Radio and was wondering if based on experience, you all think it is something I should have. I do like to listen to the radio a lot including talk radio which I understand is FM quality with HD.


Before I install it, I am wondering if I should get something that does HD Radio.

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Hey...  Wow interest in HD radio?  I bought a little portable Insignia (best buy store brand) about ~5 years ago.  It works great and I still use it every once in a while still just to radio surf.  I got it specifically so I could listen to a local progressive-fusion FM radio show 2-3 times week.  They cancelled that show years ago so I really don't us it much anymore since all my local radio stations stink (to put it mildly).


But it works pretty well overall provided you have local stations around you and ones that broadcast content you are interested in.

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