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Posting classifies

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Hi guys, I just tired to post an amp for sale, but get the message that I am not allowed. I have purchased a lot of gear here, but never sold.


Do I just need to make some posts first? 


Thanks, I'll check the forum rules to see what I can learn

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Yes - there is a minimum post count to post in the buy/sell - I'm not sure of the number.
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I figured it out. You have to make 15 posts in order to be able to sell. No problem with buying however.

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Here is a link to the section that explains the requirements. I could not find this anywhere until a moderator emailed it to me so I assume others may be looking for it also.

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The link to that page is actually at the top of every buy/sell subforum - right under where it says "Read This First!" wink.gif
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