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New TEAC UD-301 and AI-301DA DACs (CES 2014)

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Have seen no mention of these but here's a pic:



Here is some info on them.


Info in a language I can't read:


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These appear to be reviews of the UD-301 written in an Asian-Pacific language.

Can anyone translate?



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One of them...


Is mature , tight bass is excellent

UD-301 are lined with 4399Q and Wadia in audio rack

UD-301 that had been pre-order from the pre-release , delayed from the projected release date of the beginning , we finally arrived in early April . We are going on a daily basis a high resolution sound reproduction and the one-way transmission HP-A8 of Fostex already , is driven by Voyage MDP the Quad-DAC 4399Q of Castle electronic , but the reason for adding the UD-301 there , to DSD playback of course it is a response . If you say why I was not a UD-501 if it , may have visited the home is the president from the Castle electrons 4399Q immediately after introduction , a comparison was made audition meeting a variety of sound sources , in which 4399Q of DSD support ( This is because it let me hear the prototype ) , there was a experience to say towards the PCM sound source was good overwhelmingly in the reproduction conditions of my home . I will write on the veranda in detail , why the DSD is better than PCM sound of 192KHz can not be found at all by looking up the literature , partly because what this is I think the DSD sound source that can be downloaded was small , the introduction of the DSD is was postponed .
But I think again delivery site of DSD sound reminiscent such as Channel Classics to be " want to hear " More recently because came out , time to re- examine the DSD soon is came from. Information of UD-301 will be released to enter there , just the same configuration of an analog operational amplifier section and DAC chip dual Monod Lal and UD-501 If you examine , unlike common or independent left and right power using a toroidal core transformer whether one of , the display was therefore only or light-emitting diodes or organic EL display , we have decided to book the UD-301. Set to manipulate from a PC at hand the DAC at a remote location in the listening room , so you do not have to look directly at the display , the display unit is sufficient light-emitting diode .
There is also a need to replace the Windows 7 the OS of fanless laptop Let's Note CF-T5 of the listening room for just , time took a while until the music playback start from the arrival of the UD-301 , but the Voyage MPD server control for because we also install TEAC HR Audio Player along with the GMPC client to describe the impression I have to play music files in a few days more . In addition , a large stereo equipment installed at the Western-style about 12 tatami mats which gave soundproofing , standing wave measures , through the power amplifier Accuphase and battery-powered preamplifier of Panasonic , the playback device , Akusute Tze mass built large BOSE I am sounding the Tallboy speaker system 10.2 Series II.
As a sound source , from Channel Classics, I am using those downloaded DSD sound source (FLAC files ) 192KHz PCM sound the same playing (DFF file ) . C major Symphony of Schubert large by the Budapest Festival Orchestra and Ivan Fischer as " The Great " , did you listen mainly this time , it is the cello version of the Violin Sonata by Frank Peter Wispelwey. Of course, we also be compared to playing in the UD-301 and 4399Q FLAC files of the same . And volume fixed analog output of UD-301, it eliminates the effects of volume .

It is the sound quality of UD-301 first , but it corresponds to more than enough to classic appreciation of a large device frankly . If you do not know the 4399Q, you can get by happy playing DSD and FLAC now , it is a good sound . It was impressed in particular, it is tight bass . As compared with the 4399Q you are teamed with discrete analog circuits , I did not expect so much to UD-301 of the op-amp , but when I heard of Schubert , "Great " first part , the sound of pizzicato of reduction I was surprised but it is not blurry at all , to come just around the ear in the correct pitch . No matter how many times again to listen , tightness of the pizzicato of the low strings outweigh the 4399Q is UD-301.
The only , way of sound isolation of individual instruments , and localization of the violin and woodwind , for the reproduction of piano touch and breath of woodwind , does not have an enemy in the 4399Q is arrow -clad UD-301 in particular . When I heard an arrow covered 4399Q, listening to the piano concerto of Mozart playing of Alfred Brendel , it's inspiring tears as appear to representation by rubato just a few nuances of the subtle touch , snuggle exquisitely piano also changes in the tone of the woodwind , is not be fully reproduced in the UD-301.

Well , I felt it is a comparison of the DSD (DFF file ) and (FLAC files) PCM with the same sound , but with ( another sound source at that time ) comparisons made in DSD compatible version of 4399Q previously , with basically the same. In comparison with the same performance and FLAC files of 192KHz, localization of instruments in DSD will not be clear clearly . Number of viola and violin without clearly , I will be less likely to hear nuances of woodwind . You see the difference clearly most in the case of chamber music , if you listen to ( cello version ) Sonata above Frank , cello center right , piano is localized tightly in the center left in the FLAC files of 192KHz, able to measure the distance between the two seems to be able to , but it blurred in DSD. Also , the sound of the piano is quite different , the vibration of the soundboard in FLAC you will hear but comfortable , piano sound is a metallic awfully 's DSD, it sounds like not a piano . The case that there is the sound of the DSD is different from the reality , towards the recording engineer professional was also written in the review of the Amazon.

And to say that , in the comparative audition so far , I feel if there is a DFF and 192KHz FLAC for the same sound source , that there is no reason to be concerned with DSD dare . In addition , performance superior to those of a sound source available at only FLAC because there are many at this time , you will be referred to the need for DSD and lower and lower for me.
For UD-301, handling is good in small size , the operation of the HR Audio Player is easy . In comparison to the 4399Q is incomplete dare as consumer electronics products , requiring repetition of power ON / OFF to cycle or turn the knob several times to switch the input , to erase the previous settings when playing sometimes , UD-301 completeness is extremely , you can enjoy high resolution sound source anyone by simply connecting the analog output cable and USB cable . And you do not have the height of the grade of about 4399Q, the ability to reproduce fine nuances of amazing to reproduced sound , but for tight bass , I surpasses what 4399Q . I think it has been thought that there was no loss to buy my own , and may be enough to select it enjoys a high resolution sound of classic with one of this .

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Recommended as a step up from the entry-level machine

It is a step up from the NuForce Icon uDAC2.
While spec up to 24bit/96kHz 32bit/192kHz from the original ,
Because it also supports DSD 5.6MHz,
I can enjoy this in most of the high resolution data of the delivery site .

Although we also tried iFi-Audio nano iDSD Once ,
There is trouble in connection with the PC there is only USB 3.0,
Was let go .

Of which connections VAIO Pro 13 → this UD-301 → SHURE SRH1540,
I've been playing in iTunes and foobar2000.
I am listening now also audio video distribution site .

You need to download and install the drivers for Windows from the site of TEAC.
Although we can use without having to download any The NuForce Icon uDAC2,
It is not possible the DSD data transmission on the DoP system or ASIO 2.1 Thanks to this in the UD-301.

[Design ]
Profoundness you feel Zushiri compactness , more than enough looks good .
Volume knob slightly bigger moves smoothly .

[ Sound quality ]
Only the USB cable is connected to a PC , but I feel in very clear .
I think so as not to be combined , to change the immediate equipment of the good response of SRH1540.
The addition of up-sampling , it changes the sound standing edge to cool .
When you stop the up-sampling , I feel somewhat in Uomi .
Since there is a two- stage set -up sampling , looks good method is to switch the melody .

[ Operability ]
Press and hold the button of the input source , you can also switch the up-sampling .
Volume knob to move smoothly also a nice touch .

[ Functionality]
The input source is digital optical input as well as USB, so there is also a digital coaxial input ,
Development of the place is not only a personal computer is also good .
In addition , because there is the XLR as well as RCA analog output ,
Scalability , which is connected to a power amplifier, etc. headphones or amplifier is also good .

[ General comment ]
And though he was thinking of buying from getting cheaper wait a little more ,
And I have bought without being able to put up with .
But , this is really good .
I feel like I go dating life almost will .

Stability Hopefully , the driver wonder if I want to improve ,
If it is too raise the system default playback device ,
There is the sound becomes strange at a certain moment ,
There may have to extract and insert cable to stop the voice transmission once .
Condition is unknown , and so is unlikely to be due to the UD-301 body ,
With that said no effect on the evaluation .

( Text , rather than SRH1840, Are You a 1540 is a sealed , . Has been corrected )

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Too bad its only 192khz and not 384khz like the ud501.
i think that would make a big difference in sound
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anyone tried it already or compared it to ud501?
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Originally Posted by pearljam50000 View Post

Too bad its only 192khz and not 384khz like the ud501.
i think that would make a big difference in sound


The UD series are dedicated DACs. The AI series are integrated amps with DACs, so I would expect the dedicated DAC to be a better DAC. I also wonder if anyone using a $550 integrated amp really will be able to tell the difference between 192 and 384 kHz.


Here's some more info:




Looks like the USA cost is $549.99 (Amazon, Crutchfield, B&H, MusicDirect)


When the A-H01 came out, it was $499 and quickly dropped to $299. It would be awesome if the AI-301DA dropped the same amount!


What Hi-Fi wasn't trilled with the AI-501DA -- only three stars:  http://www.whathifi.com/teac/ai-501da/review


That said, what competes with a $550 desktop device that can drive speakers, has a dedicated HP amp, three digital and two analog inputs, and decodes DSD? For $550!

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AudioStream review at




Dark, rich, and full covers the overall character of the AI-301DA and I find this type of presentation to be very music friendly. 


...its price $449.99. If you think about what you're getting for that kind of money, and you're thinking something along the lines of "wow", we agree.


The AI-301DA's headphone amp drove the NAD MP50's very well but the combo delivered a little too much of a good thing. I find the NAD's to be a tad dark and rich around the middle, just like the Teac, so something like the PS Audio Sprout proved to be a better mate for the NAD 'phones. 
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