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Dear friends,

I am very happy with my little home rig (iMac -> Audirvana ->ODAC+O2 combo -> Mad Dogs) and would love some reccomendations for a portable rig.


I have an iPhone 4S with iOS7 and read that via the Camera Connection Kit I can get the digital signal to an external DAC.


On the other end I have a couple of CMoys.


Think the Mad Dogs are not really portable, I wouldn't mind actually but constantly get looked at as if were crazy :-)


So please would you suggest:

a) a decent portable DAC, 24/96 would be far enough, if it could be powered by both batteries and USB better

b) a decent 100-150 IEMs, the more similar to Mad Dog soundprint the better :-)


I'm also looking at a used iBasso D+Boa, would that be a good match ?


Thanks in advance.