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Help Needed for Upgrade.

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Hi Everyone,


I`m new to the forum. Although I have visited in the past this is my first post.


I have an Ipod classic160gb 5th gen, with a pair of Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10`s with a Null Lune upgrade cable and a Fiio E7 amp and cable.


I only use it when I`m mobile so it is not used at home. What I would like advice on is an upgrade path for better sound quality but bearing in mind it needs to be very portable ( to fit in a pocket preferable), so no large amp`s please.


I would "Preferable" like to keep the Ipod for it`s capacity as I currently have around 110gb on it and keep the Triple Fi`s but sound quality is my biggest concern.


Would just a case of changing the amp give me better sound quality or would I need to change the player ?


I dont have a budget in mind but would consider paying for the best sound.


Any help greatly appreciated.



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I would say you are better off changing the amp, you could try some other amps in the FiiO range like the E12 or E17 or E18 or move onto some more top end portable amps like the Sony PHA 1/2, JDS Labs C5 or Fostex HP-P1. There are more but these are just off the top of my head.  

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Now you can change the player but the problem with Audiophile DAP's is space, with my iBasso DX50 which I love, I have about 64GB of storage and if you spend about £500 you can get the AK100 which can store about 128GB. So you're better off changing the amp instead of the player.

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Fiio E12 will be a great choice IMHO .
I own it and it is fantastic even with my HD 650 and LCD2.
A real giant killer for a bit more than 100$.
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Guy`s thanks for all the input.


Would the E18 be better than the E12 ?



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I suspect no.
Unless you are willing to use the DAC section of the E18 instead of your Ipod internal DAC.
I have no direct experience with the E18 so this is just speculation but I think the amp section should be the same of the E12.
If I remember well the E18 is meant to be a perfect match with Android smartphones (as the stated on their website) so if you don't need the DAC functionality the E12 should fit your needs with no regrets.
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Thanks for the help, E12 it is then.



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