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Originally Posted by DevEng View Post


I am answering on behalf of Michael.


Sound Professionals' SP-XLRM-MINI-2-PHANTOM will allow you to use MixerFace's 48V and XLR input.  The same website had other adapter cables, but it seems this adapter does both connector and 48V conversions.  It is bit pricey, but it gets the job done concisely and compactly.


Is this helpful?




Hi David, thanks!

Yes I know about the adapter, but it is expensive, and another 2 XLR connectors in the pocket add the bulk.


For a portable 2 channels recording device such as MixerFace, I think users would do a lot of stereo recordings, binaural, or with other stereo mics.  Therefore, it would be nice if MixerFace has features to make stereo recording easier, such as gain knob with clicks to easily match the left and right gain, 3.5 mm stereo mic socket with lower voltage phantom power for binaural mics, etc.  To me those features are important, as with portable devices, I would like to keep it as small as possible, with less adapters etc. 

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Just got this update by email.

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Originally Posted by jazzman7 View Post

I guess Michael can weigh in on this, but in the meantime, looking at the MicPort Pro also by CEntrance, I think I can decode what the "dry/wet" mixing knob (with the A and D markings on it) is on the MixerFace is for.  It controls how much of the live audio ("dry") is mixed in with the played-back audio ("wet") coming from the digital recording device through USB.    I'm guessing that "A" means analog and "D" means digital, so if the knob is all the way over to the "D" side, there's no signal coming from the mic inputs, and you are listening to audio from the digital device alone through the headphone monitor.   Since that audio can only be carried through USB digitally, that means a D-to-A is in play.


This is based on how the MicPort Pro is described to be used.   The MixerFace looks to have many more features (stereo in, obviously, but also battery-powered and iDevice compatible).  Again, just some sleuthing based on similar functionality from a related device.  Michael knows for sure. 

An update:  On the eve of the end of the campaign, MixerFace is over its goal.    Michael has added several features including a limiter and a hi-Z switch (which makes this device much more useful for recording -- its primary use).  But, it also can be used for playback.  From Michael:


Michael Goodman said 23 hours ago
Q: Can you playback from iPhone/iPad/PC when not recording?
A: Yes, you can playback and NOT record. Or you can playback AND record. The analog/digital monitor fader cross (aka “dry/wet” control) allows to adjust the amount of direct and recorded signal to taste. Ideal when recording voice overs, playing over a music “bed” or practicing with a backing track.
The headphone jack (only a single 1/4-inch out)  for monitoring is on the back of the unit along with the USB ports.    
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