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Can you identify these headphones?

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Just saw this movie called The Internship and of course being a member of headfi I ended up paying more attention to the headphones than the storyline. But I couldn't figure out what these were so

Here's a video where the actor is wearing them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thltImlAYww

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Hard to tell nobody these days makes those dual headbands that meet at the rectangular badge areas, they are usually stiffer than heck and coated with black hard rubber. the baffle seems the same plastic as the shell, not fabric. Pads look like hurting vinyl.  Definitely vintage in my mind, but what ?  Could be any number of things from back then. Might most likely paper cones, but mylar if you are lucky.


Usually tragic but i would love to be proved wrong here. Anyone? My first thought was Universum, but the red shell is a different shape.  Ebay browsing time for you. Search under Vintage Headphones.

Could be some sort of old junky recording /movie equipment or movie prop even, or hipster vintage stuff.

You need to get a look at the side profile closely somehow.

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