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Good specifications?

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Hello everybody :)

It's my first post here and i want to have your opinion about a headphone i intend to purchase...

It's a wireless one, and here are the specifications:

Impedance: 32Ω.

Sensitivity: 108dB.

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20.000Hz.

Driver Unit: 40MM.

Supports: Bluetooth, Micro SD Cards.

Battery Life: 10 Hours, Rechargeable (Of course xD)

Compatible with all devices

Is it a good one? It costs 54$...

Wish you the best :)

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People would be able to help you more if named the actual headphone model. It's hard to tell from just the specs. 

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Those specifications don't tell much (or anything) about sound quality. It would be better if you write what you are looking for, for sure someone here can suggest what headphones on the market match your requeriments.

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Oh, thanks for the replies :)

The Model is: DL-BH003 (Data Life)

It's not very popular, i know, but it's the one that is available in my region :)

A picture of it:

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Originally Posted by Black Vision View Post

Is it a good one? It costs 54$...

I don't think so... You can buy much better sounding headphones with $54. If you are looking for good sound quality then wireless headphones are not the way to go.
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Oh, i see...

But i'm looking for wireless ones because i already have "too" many wired headphones of all brands...

Thanks for your reply :)

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DL-BH003 is more than just enough from an average quality of a wireless/buetooth headphone.

It has a clarty of audio .. low freq, high freq.. for me... i have no regrets in purchasing this headphone.

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