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Beginner question i'm afraid, sorry if this seems overly basic to some and hardly high end but it's my first foray into 'portable' sound other than off the shelf boomboxes.

I've had a good look around the forum & found a great deal of interesting info but can't quite get everything down pat.

I've just bought an Indeed TA2021 


which i want to install in my caravan. I'll be using a 75Ah deep cycle battery, so approx 50Ah usage (i've been told not to regularly run it more than 2 thirds down to prolong life) - the only other things running from it will be minimal... some very efficient LED lights and an occasional small fan + the odd recharging of cameras/phones. Music source will be an Ipod. Budget is small for inside speakers, friends will chip in for outside 'party' speaker

1) My main question and biggest concern/misunderstanding is on a larger (single) speaker that i'd like for outside caravan listening, friends/BBQ etc.
I understand that speakers with a higher sensitivity are easier to drive but still can't get my head around it completely - will not an ever increasing size of the cones/magnets etc. be of SOME extra power drain? I'm looking at PA speakers and as these are generally driven by fairly 'beefy' amps I just thought i'd double check that the Indeed can handle them...
e.g. would any of these speakers be driven to good 'party' volumes while still lasting for MANY hours on battery?

or would I be better from a sound level vs. power conservation point to drop to a smaller PA speaker? e.g.

A couple of incidental questions:

2) Will adding a FiiO E5 headphone amp between Ipod and TA2021 amp be worthwhile? (may be able to grab one from a friend)

3) Will using a small tranny radio as source boost output at all (I can also remotely play music through this from Ipod with FM transmitter)

4) I would like a pair of small speakers for inside the van, I presume these at 90db and 8 ohms would be driven OK (small space, low music volume, cheap!)

5) I presume that shorter cable runs throughout are best, will reasonable quality home speaker cable suffice and does the cable gauge anywhere in the system make much difference?

6) Any other tips/suggestions greatly appreciated!

I know speaker sensitivity is well covered but as stated before, i'm very new to components like these. I may build/mod in the future, once my soldering skills are up to scratch. Looks like fun but my wallets getting nervous already!


Thanks for any help.