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How to set up MMX 300?

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Hi, I just received my MMX 300's from the mail and have a Astro Mix Amp, however I have no real idea how to set these headphones up for my PS4. Do I need an adapter or something? There is a large jack with green circles and a smaller one with pink circles. Any advice is appreciated.

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It looks to me like there is a headphone input jack and a mic output jack on the MMX 300. Do you have similar jacks on the PS4? Connect mic to mic and headphone to headphone. I wouldn't think you would use the USB. I don't know - I'm not a gamer...

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My headphones didn't come with that but thanks for trying to help anyways

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Oops - sorry, I guess that little box is an optional accessory. OK - just for that, I'm going to help you whether you want it or not! tongue.gif

How about this?

If you need an adapter to go from separate mic and headphone mini-jacks to an phone-style 4-pin jack, then something like this might work - they are fairly common:
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