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Shure SE215, SE315 or Sony XBA-2

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Hi Guys,


I'm new to the forum so apologies if this is in the wrong place! I'm in the market for a new set of IEMs and I could do with your help. 


I think I've narrowed it down to a few pairs. The Shure SE215 were my initial choice due to the name but also the noise isolation. I work in a fairly busy office and being able to block everything out would be bliss. After a bit of reading it seemed the the SE215s might be a bit muddy and I came across the Sony XBA-2s. My budget could also stretch to the SE315s if they're noticeably better than the other two pairs.


I listen to a lot of jazz and folk so I think I'm looking for a warm sound. 


Any help is much appreciated, I'm pretty clueless with this stuff!

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I don't have any of these yet but I should receive both the Shure SE215 and Sony XBA-4IP in the mail tomorrow and I am going to try them out and keep the one I like the best.


I haven't seen many recommendations for the SE315 anywhere...doesn't seem to be worth the extra money from what I have read.


I am not sure what the price of the XBA-4IP is in the UK but it can be purchased in the US for about $150-$180 which for me puts it in the same price range as the Shure SE215 with the extra $50 iPhone cable.

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Okay, sounds like the SE315 are out then. I didn't know if the difference in driver made much of a difference but it sounds like it doesn't.


I'd certainly be interested to know how you get on with both sets. The XBA-4 are a little out of my price range. They're around £100 more than the SE215s coming in at around $312 — I've not shopped around though.

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It seems like the VSonic GR07 are worth a look too though I'm not sure where I can get them in the UK or if the BE is better.
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If you don't need phone controls and a mic your options really open up a lot.  The HiFiman RE-400 is supposed to be one of the very best sounding IEMs out there.  I have heard very good things about the VSonic GR07 as well.

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Yeah I'm not really fussed about phone controls, I never really use them anyway.

Will check out the RE-400, seem to be bang on budget too!
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Vsonic for 130$ (with free shipping if I'm not mistaken) which is far less of what you would pay in the UK. the Shure are also very nice, probably better than the 315 and the sony xba-2

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Looks like it's between the SE215 and the GR07, though I'm still not sure which to get smily_headphones1.gif
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Okay, so I finally made a decision and ordered the VSonic GR07. Thanks guys for all your help!
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Did you buy them from lendmeurears? or a seller in the UK?

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Which version did you get?


Here's a forumers comparison of the GR07 and SE215:


I have both and the Shure don't even come close. The SE 215 are good for what they are, fun headphones for people that want a warm, not critical listening. They are outclassed by the V Sonics on pretty much everything, is not even a contest. In fact, they are not the best in their price bracket, and in fact even headphones that are cheaper, like the Dunu's Landmine, are better. Of course, personal preference plays a huge part in our selection, and you might prefer the Shure's sound signature. So they are not better but you might end up enjoying them more.
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I've got the bass editions coming from Lend Me Ur Ears; couldn't find a UK seller.

I read that comparison earlier which is what swayed me to the GR07. Glad to hear that they are in fact the right choice from someone with both sets. I think I'll always be curious as to how different they both sound but it sounds like the GR07s are right for me.
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Keep in mind you might have to pay taxes, let us know how much they charge you for the gr07BE once you get them

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Figured as much, but even with an extra 20% they only come in at around £90 — around the same price as the SE215 on Amazon.

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Just picked them up from the collection office and no fees to pay. Looks like Lendmeurears marked them as only $30 value to avoid it.

Loving them by the way, best sound I've heard from a little pair of IEMs!
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