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Hi guys,


I started with the HD555 and then moved to the HD598, which I've since used for the past 2 years and loved. I've decided to upgrade but would prefer to stay within Sennheiser as the comfort level and quality has always served me well.


I'm considering a closed pair of headphones, due to the use of a USB condenser microphone i.e. sound leakage, but would prefer the bass not to be overpowering as my primary use away from music is competitive gaming.

With that in mind, would it be correct to say the new HD6 Mix announced at CES2014 could be for me? I assume that to be the case as they are described as being 'balanced'. Hopefully somebody who has had his hands on both could share their input, that or the HD 380 Pro. Otherwise I'm looking to stay with an open pair of headphones, possibly the HD600 or HD650.


Driving them is no issue as I have a decent sound card and amp.


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