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Buy a Dac or a Dac/Amp??

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I recently bought the vsonic gr07 in ears, i listen to them directly connected to my laptop.

I know its not the best connection for such great in ears, so i want something that bypasses the internal soundcard from my laptop.

But there are so many choices and different kinds of setups that i lost sight :(


When searching on the web there are some things that i find interesting, for example:


Focusrite 2i2

Fiio E10 Olympus


But what's the best solution?


My budget is 140 dollars.


And i only listen with it through my laptop :)

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I have a Fiio E10. It's a nice, nothing special, but nothing bad, little 24/96K DAC/amp. It's not too powerful and I wouldn't recommend it for big, hard to drive impedance monsters, but it should work great for this application. Depending on your current built-in soundcard, I wouldn't expect a HUGE difference - there will be a difference - but it might be less than you are thinking.
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If you only buy a DAC, you will need some kind of separate amp. At your price range, a combo unit is probably the better choice. 

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Hello Guys,


Thanks for your time and answers :)

But what wil be some good dac/amp combo's?


I forgot to tell that i now have a native instruments audio2 dj soundcard, its a dj interface.

But i think that a dac/amp will be better, the audio2 dj has drivers that you have to install, and i run into the occasional audio dropouts :(

Would a dac/amp be a little more stable?

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I have E17. It fits your budget also. I could see a difference sound quality through E17 than on board soundcard of my laptop.

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