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New to Headphones and Need Some Guidance Please

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Hi All,


With two small children in the house, I've found my opportunity to listen to anything through my loudspeakers has all but diminished so I am looking into the world of headphones.


Currently most of my time is spent on the computer listening to music through cheap USB  headphones.  But I also have a nice ARCAM stereo receiver that I would like to listen to music on and from time to time watch TV and movies etc through a pair of decent headphones.


A few questions:


1.  Wireless headphones are very appealing for convienance, but is it a case of the best wireless headphones sound quality will only be as good as a cheaper pair of wired headphones?


2.  Is there a good 'all-in-one' head phone that I can use to both listen to music and watch TV etc?


3.  For listening on the computer, I have a newly built computer with on-board sound, what else do I need to buy?


My budget for the headphones is in the $400-$500 range if that helps.


Many thanks,


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Denon AHD600


Strong Bass, Musical and fun sound signature. It has detachable cables one 10ft high quality cable and also a smaller cable with a Mic and controls. Great for movies, Phone calls, Music and can be used as a portable too..to top it off it's built like a tank!


No amped needed.

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There are some wireless systems that are decent nowadays, but you're generally not going to find that any Bluetooth-based systems are going to impress you. If you really want a wireless headphone, look specifically for a model that uses KLEER transmission instead of Bluetooth. Some Sennheiser and AKG models use KLEER, I believe.


However, let's take a look at some more traditional wired cans, since there's much more selection of decent-sounding models there.


There are plenty of good all-rounders at any price range. For listening on the computer or out an iPod, you may want an external DAC and/or a portable amplifier. Generally, $200 or so will get you a decent example of both, leaving up to $300 for the headphones themselves.


Do your headphones need to be closed-backed, or will you be using them in a situation where isolation isn't an issue? What sort of sound signature do you enjoy in your speaker setup? How much of your listening is out of the receiver, and how much is on your computer?

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