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For Sale:
Unused gear: W3000ANV, NFB 12.0, T50RP modded, NWZ 1050

Will Ship To: North America only please

I don't have much use for these since I have hardly used them in the past few months after getting HD800. I'm also not looking to start an AT woody collection~ 


Interest check for unused gear. Can post pictures if there is interest. I'm not looking for any trades at all, sorry!


Headphones, prices are in USD!


W3000ANV - Only micro scratches in the lacquer that are visible when held up to the light. Stored in their box for several months.Comes with original papers & packaging. $1200 OBO


Modded T50RP - Mr speakers comfort strap & vader stickers, HM5 pads, tuned to have neutral/slightly rolled off mids. Monoprice cable. $140?

Amps & Sources, offer for each?


Audio GD NFB 12.0: Functions perfectly, small ding in the back plate. Original version without switch-able filters. 


NWZ 1050 - Functions fine, one hardly noticeable scratch in the front screen and the back is scratched up a bit. Will come with a protective case though. 


Buyer please split shipping and pay PP fees.