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What EQ to use...

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I've been using the Creative Console EQ for years and years. My Auzen Forte is still a decent sound card I would imagine...I cannot afford to replace it or buy anything at this point (just bought a pair of HE-400's before Christmas). 


The Creative EQ had been very effective, and is the only EQ I've used that doesn't seem to kill my sound when I add bass...Winamp, Foobar2k, etc... when you put the bass too hi, it seems to make the other sound weak when the bass hits like the sound output is out of power. Yet my Creative EQ doesn't have this effect...it will distort if I push the bass too hi but it doesn't suck the power out of the mids and hi's like other EQ's do.


I'm a basshead if the above statement doesn't clue ya in, which I'm sure it does. I'm curious what the rest of you are using. I was thinking of using an EQ just for music. I have to use a different EQ for my speakers, which is fine. But games have way too much bass usually so I'd almost rather run no EQ with them...and since I primarily listen to music and game, I've been debating just using an EQ...yet every time I try the Winamp EQ it seems muddy and again with a healthy bass increase seems to suck the power out of the mid and treble...no thanks. Then I recently tried Foobar again, and while the EQ has potential, it does the same thing...I mix a slight bass increase with lowering the rest of the range a few db and keeping it pretty flat beyond bass.


Any suggestions? Am I just using the wrong EQ for foobar? I've given up on Winamp's EQ. The Creative EQ seems to be so much more clear in it's adjustments, it doesn't sound muddy or boring or take the power out of the sound. It keeps the sound energetic. Am I stuck with the sound card EQ? Not saying it's a bad thing, just kinda surprised at those audio program EQ's being so-so in comparison to my ears. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

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Okay let me retry.


I'm using the Creative Console EQ from my Auzen Forte driver package install. The EQ is pretty good...but I feel there may be better options. I have tried stock Winamp and Foobar EQ's and they SUCK. By that I mean when I increase Bass...it seems like the power for the mids and treble is sucked out while trying to produce bass...and less than I can EQ in with my Creative EQ. The Winamp EQ is muddy and dull sounding no matter what... the Foobar EQ can sound decent with some patience and tuning the sliders both above and below 0DB as to not go too far either direction. 


What EQ do you use? Do you prefer an EQ better than the Creative EQ?

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As Windows user, I now use EqualizerAPO. I'm making few GUIs for to extend the usability.

There are a 31-band Graphical EQ (v.0.40) and two 10-band Parametric EQ's (v.0.40/v0.10) to choose from. If your O/S is Windows Vista or newer, why not check these.



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Ya I think I will! I had that page open at one point but never did commit to trying them out. See how they fare against my creative eq. Thanks!

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AFAIK, Creative EQ is hardware (DSP) based but how its filters are implemented there (is it based on constant Q peaking filters, bandpass filters, various type filters, ...)? Has anyone ever measured the EQ?

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I'm curious to know if anyone else knows the answer to this as well. I was involved in a conversation about the DAC on my Auzen card, and apparently it's nothing special. Makes me kind of wonder if part of my feeling I need to tune more bass is involved at that point? I have read about many folks including some bassheads that can run a flat EQ and be content.


I'm debating that maybe a different DAC is in order, but again I don't know. I do like my Auzen card and I do game, but I haven't used CMMS-3D in years and really I'd rather have overall sound quality than effects. Then that makes me wonder should I keep the FiiO E9 or replace that too? I know many talk about the Schitt combo, but I recall reading many find it bass light, and I'd prefer bass heavy. I'd probably have to sell the E9 and Auzen and use onboard and my Denon AVR to be able to really afford to do anything in this respect. But back to EQ's, I'm going to try that 31-band EQ today.

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Changing the DAC typically doesn't have as dramatic an effect on the bass as you're looking for. Prob need to look somewhere else.
Each EQ may have a different center frequency for a generic bass control. If the freq boosted is mid or upper bass that's closer to your mids then it could have the perceived effect of slightly overshadowing the mids. Similarly, some cans that are tuned by the vendor to emphasize upper bass can sound light in the lower midrange.
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