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For Sale: FiiO E 11 Perfect working Order

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For Sale:
FiiO E 11 Perfect working Order

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my year and a half old E11. Rock solid performance, solid, long battery life, no technical issues of any sort. Very slight dent on case, and some cosmetic issues with paint on one side, but lettering is fine. I should have the tin from FiiO somewhere, but I never did receive the band (should have asked the store to send one, but never bothered) The sale will be the amp only, but at $20 you can't go wrong. Shipping should be minimal as it is a small item and no need for insurance. I'm trying out an E12, but other than the urge to try a new amp, I have been 100% satisfied with the E11. I haven't taken pictures, but my feedback here is great so I can assure you, the amp will arrive as described. Look forward to hearing from you.


PLEASE NOTE: I have revised the description as upon actually looking more closely the paint on one side of the case (the side I don't see very often) does indeed have wear that you would expect for the age of the amp. The other side has minor worn paint and some scratches around the edges. So I would consider the cosmetics with the age considered still fair. All lights function, the amp still brings it and the battery rocks so for me that is what matters. Still holding the $20 price despite the revision to the cosmetics. My apology for having not been more careful in the initial description.

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I will pay $25 including shipping to Florida 33433 area code
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Sounds fair to me. I will PM you my paypal e-mail and I will ship it the same day most likely, at the latest the next day. Cheers.

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