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Do you think 60 dollars and above is too much for a game?

Poll Results: Would you pay 59.99 for game?

This is a multiple choice poll
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    Yes i would
  • 3% of voters (1)
    Yes, i proudly would and the DLC!
  • 21% of voters (6)
    Hell no!
  • 75% of voters (21)
    Well, it depends on the quality of the game.
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When it comes to buying anything, i like value. But when it comes to 59.99 and above, don't y'all think it's too much. And if yes/no, don't you guys think its mandatory to let the publishing companies know what the line is? What shocks me is that people are willing to go at that price range for something that you maybe won't play more than twice through, except for online games. I get that games are very expensive to make, but isn't there a sweet spot in the price range where more people are willing to pay retail at that point  than when it goes on sale? Like for example, if something like GTA 5 was 30 instead of 60, wouldn't more people buy it then? Is there something i'm missing from this issue???




What do you think of Titanfall's pricing? Is it justified? I do not think so.

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Personally I think GTA 5 was worth every penny I paid for it. I look at it like this, How many hours of entertainment will this game provide? When you consider the average movie ticket is $10 per adult, most games have great value. Hours entertained vs price paid. 

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It completely depends on the game for me. I spent $100 on both radiant silvergun and earthbound. The problem with cheap games in this generation is that video game development is getting too expensive. Its gotten to the point where developers are coming up with ways to eliminate used video games. I think the whole DLC thing has gotten way out of hand though. Its a shame to see what capcom is doing with their games especially since they made so many legendary games in the past.

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Like everyone has been mentioning, it really depends on the game. Some people are willing to pay more for collectors/limited edition versions. Look at Kickstarter for instance, there are always a number of people willing to dump more money into the higher tiers. 


As for the sweet spot for retail, I think 50 USD is reasonable. Anymore and I am generally not going to buy it unless it is something I really want, or it goes on special.

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The only game I'm actually willing to buy full price is final fantasy. I'm one of those die hard fans, I even bought a ps3 only to play ffxiii and ffxiii-2. DLC is an invention to rip off users.
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I used to spend $60 on every game, but now that I'm learning money should be saved, I haven't spent over $20 for a game in nearly 1 year I think. (halo 4 was the last game I bought new)



I still have so much stuff to beat, so I probably won't buy any new games for a very long time, maybe until fallout 4/elder scrolls VI

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I generally stay away from $60 games. Purchasing one a year, if not less. I play a lot of games but I very rarely pay that much for them. The last $60 I bought was Bioshock Infinite, I also picked up the Season Pass for it. Well, I didn't pay for it so much as trade a TF2 hat for it.

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I used to buy brand new games (after the date they hit stores, of course), but now I don't care about spending that kind of money. The last 10-20 games I received were from Amazon, ebay, or gifts. I look for stores that have too much stock and want to get rid of it at discount prices


I think I bought the entire Mass Effect series for about $30. The third one was still about $45 at EB Games.

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i rarely buy games at full price... especially any games that i intend to buy and play on PC that are released on steam

last $60 game i bought was GTA5, last $60 PC game i bought was Diablo 3... i slightly regret buying D3 on launch

now compare to my usual game spending habits and look at the damage from the recent steam sale... $39.39 and i bought 8 games, 2 DLC, and one season pass
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I only purchase 2-4 games annually so the $60 price tag does not bother me.
I think that prices will drop once the next gen consoles switch to digital downloads.
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With me, it depends on how much time I'm likely to spend on a game.

The only games I tend to buy full price are JRPGs, as I know they'll most likely give me at LEAST an hour for every dollar spent. Then there are online games like Call of Duty which I can basically play for a year if not more. Games that you know will be worth the investment in time is what I tend to pay full price on.

For everything else, there's rentals, used game sales, or since I have a PC, Steam/Dealzon savings. I basically buy my PC games when they reach under $10, which happens the vast majority of the time, within half a year of release.
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There are very few titles that I'll buy at the full $60 price. Most time I wait for a sale on Steam or Amazon before picking up a game. However, there are some games where I'll pay full price the day it launches. The next one I foresee is Watch Dogs.

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Ya I rarely buy titles at launch now at full price unless they are really good multiplayer or I am a fan of the aeries. Even then I don't buy directly from steam for new games, I will usually pay less and buy from European or Russian CD key sites. Unless its a great Indy game, then I'll buy directly from steam to support them that way.

I agree with AAA game development getting too expensive. I'm starting to think that the video game market needs a crash to get developers and publishers to rethink budgets and what's actually important in games.

Too many $100 million dollar game budgets for meh and average COD clones.

Games like shadow warrior, Witcher and STALKER series show that devs can make it with a lot less money.
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I never buy games at full price. As a computer gamer I will buy from GOG, Steam, Origin, etc. when they are on sale. I love the Battlefield series and had 1500+ hours into BF2, but I will never drop $60 on the new BF4.

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For me, with the exception of a very few titles (ahem, Starcraft, Civilization), I am overwhelmed by the poor construction of the software.  Red Dead Redemption didn't save relaibly.  Batman Arkham City lost save files.  GTA V messed up your cars in the garage.  Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood was riddled with graphical errors.  


These companies spend oodles of money on flash and smoke but they overlook basic functionality.  I can't support that, I'm sorry, count me out.


I have been really into Indie games lately and they are EXTREMELY affordable and focus on game play and story, not graphics and sound.  I think the gaming industry is due for a good crash.  When a company has to apologize and change their upper management because a game is SO BAD (the last Final Fantasy) that really says something about how broken it all is.

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