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Jack entry on phone or speakers damaging headphones?

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First of all, sorry if this isn't the right place to ask such a question, I wasn't sure.


I recently sent my Sennheiser HD-25 II back to repair because of a problem I had. I sometimes had no sound at all on one side, or low volume / only part of the instruments. Same thing happened with my 3 months old Sennheiser cx300ii recently. The sound is incredibly low on the right side and normal on the left. Maybe this could be a coïncidence, but I am starting to wonder if the the jack entry on my phone or speakers could be the cause..? Is that possible? If yes, is there a way to check?


I don't remember damaging either jack entry but my phone has indeed lived for a while and has been dropped several times.



Thank you for any reply!

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did you check on several sources? to be sure it comes from the phone and not the source?

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Actually I faced the same problems with different sources, so I'm assuming the headphones themselves have an issue. What I am trying to understand now is if that common problem with both my headphones and my earbuds could be caused by a damaged jack or not. (-> Can plugging headphones into a damaged jack effect them? How can I be sure?)


Thank you

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hmm I would vote for a "no luck" effect on cable then or maybe I should report you for bad treatment on minor cables? (I'm myself a serial and coaxial offender)



the only thing I can think of to damage the phone would be while you push or pull the plug as there can be a little short circuit. but it's super fast in duration and it would need the amp to have mad volume and power. the other moment would be when turning on, if there was a surge of some sort for a brief moment.

I suppose we're talking portable source here so I can't really see this happening.



and if it was physical damage to the jack you should see much more than some scratches.

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Could be a coincidence as you stated.  Most likely you have a break either at the headphone connector or along the headphone cable somewhere.  The fact that it occurred twice is just a coincidence.  It happens to everyone, all the time.


If you've tried different sources, and if you have something else to plug into these sources (portable speakers, etc.) that don't show any issues, then you more than likely have a headphone cable issue.


This means: take up soldering as a hobby, or send them in for repair if possible, or replace them :( 

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Depending on the jack design, it could be possible that one of the contacts inside the jack is bent. Or that one of the connections between the jack itself and the rest of the circuit is broken. This could happen if you dropped the phone with headphones plugged in, causing strain inside the jack. 


But then again, this wouldn't explain why you have the same issue with different sources. 

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If it happens across multiple different devices then it's very likely the headphone itself.

If it happened to more than one headphone then there could be a chance that one of your devices outputs damaging DC in one channel.

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Sounds more like coincidence tbh.


The very first thing I'd do if HD25s were intermittent would be wiggling the cable connector at the earpiece affected. Of course it's not impossible that the driver itself has a problem or the contact spring is bent.


When in-ears go very weak, usually it's merely the filter that is plugged up with earwax.

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I had similar problem with one of my phones. The problem is the plug is bent on the plug. This usually causes problem on the right side because the contact is in the middle. The bending of the plug is caused by excessive pulling/pushing or just physical abuse the phone is taking. A quick look at the broken phones on Ebay, the right side is almost always the broken part. Just replace the plug and you'll be okay.

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