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Sub $800 AMP/DAC for LCD2

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Hi everyone,


I'm waiting for some LCD2's to arrive and was wondering what would be a good AMP and DAC or AMP+DAC combo for it. I currently have a Fiio X3 but I don't think it'll do the job properly. Either SS or Tube but I'm leaning more towards SS because I don't want it to sound too warm. Soundstage is fairly important to me too.

I'd love the Burson Conductor SL1793 but $1,250 is just a bit too much of a hit to my wallet.
or a Schiit combo Bifrost DAC USB Gen 2 with the Asgard 2 AMP


What are your thoughts?

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The Violectric V100 is a very good sounding amp and works very well with the LCD2.



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Audio GD 10.32 (now 10.33)
Used that with my LCD2 when i still had them. Awesome stuff!
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The RSA Intruder is a great amp and DAC combination with the LCD-2.
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I've stumbled across these.


Do you think they're worth forking over $1200 for?
All in one AMP/DAC combo looks cheap and easy

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Schiit Mjolnir is one of the best amps you can get and it is under $800. I think it is universally acclaimed with he LCD-2s (I had this setup). 

Find a Saber chip DAC, and you should be good to go.

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I've ordered the Firestone audio Bobby AMP and Tobby DAC because of the sale at wickeddigital.com.au.

I shot a few emails off at the website asking if there where any additional discounts for ordering both the AMP and DAC and I was replied to with a very rude and abrupt email about them being at cost price already. After a bit of research and confirming that they where priced well below retail, I pulled the trigger and purchased them.

I'd like to thank everyone for their input, I appreciate it and did consider your recommendations.
If I hadn't have stumbled over wickeddigital.com.au, I would have probably ended up buying a Schiit Mjolnir.

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How did  the Bobby amd and Tobby dac work out for youi think about buying them myself. :)

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Schiit and AudioGD.  The design philosophies for the price sets these two apart.

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Still waiting to receive my package or refund from wickeddigital.com.au, so I'm not sure how they are yet.

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let us know how they sound

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