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For Sale:
Gabriel Gold Reflection V2 - RCA Interconnects 1M

Will Ship To: Anywhere

One of the best sounding interconnects I ever heard and I went through ton of them (DH labs, Clearday, morrow audio, cardas, hidiamond, OTA etc)


MSRP $1595.00

The hot lead is a 50% 99.999 24k Gold and 50% 99.999 Silver alloy.
Return conductor uses a combination of 24K Gold and 99.99999 UPOCC copper.

Internal Geometry has been re-worked and engineered to streamline the flow of electrons.

The Reflection V2 uses larger AWG conductors and offers phenomenal imaging,
lifelike breathe, startling clarity with a huge natural vibrant sound-stage.

Rhodium Plated pure copper locking connectors.
New condition, I am moving onto a pair of balanced XLRs for my new emotiva monoblocks.

Shipping and paypal fee included in my asking price.


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