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NEW MIT cables... world's best?

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01 / 31 / 02

Music Interface Technologies (MIT) has introduced their new MI 350 Oracle interconnect that features new network boxes for improved performance. Quoting from the company spec sheet, "...The 350 Oracle incorporates new advanced conductor designs and updated network topology that consolidates all of the networks into one easy-to-handle network housing. New, proprietary conductor designs feature premium materials and construction that provide an extremely low dielectric constant that greatly reduces dielectric distortions to well below the audible level. Consolidated network designs featuring new reduced sized components, allow for networks of greater complexity, efficiency and performance to be enclosed into a single enclosure. Add to this the new OneWrap network wrap straps (Velcro straps for hanging network boxes) that attach directly to the network box via a supplied thumbscrew to relieve undue strain on connectors and chassis mount connection points, for a complete performance solution with simplicity and convenience...." The MI 350 Oracle is available in single-ended (RCA) and balanced (XLR) configurations and sold only through participating MIT Reference dealers.
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NEW MIT cables... world's best?
nah, just horrendously overpriced.

LOL! Just kidding!!
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Not really, they don't cost $20,000 like those Transparent ICs.

Now those are horrendously overpriced!!!
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No kidding!
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I just git turned on to mit cables . awesome gear.ive only tried the styline series so far and all I can say is wow.
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