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Hope this is the right forum and website for this. So I just generally like Sony earbuds all around, for away-from home listening, and I enjoy the ability to use the iphone controller integrated into most of their cords. But I bought a pair of the Sony XBA-1ip's which I was thoroughly disappointed with. And having figured they'd sound pretty good based on their on-paper info, I bought a pair of Sony MDR-EX100ip's. Now, for just $40, I cannot BELIEVE the quality of sound you get with these things. Granted its not your audio technica or bose type equipment, but they're quite a hell of a pair of earphones. The catch is that while the cord does have iphone control support, it's a rather s****y cable. What I figured I'd do since I never planned on using the XBAs again, I busted the driver housings off of each bud (I'll tell you, Sony really knows what they're doing when it comes to cable-earbud durability—pulling those cords out was like two tanks tugging at a pair of interlaced phonebooks: sturdy stuff). The cable quality on the XBAs is fantastic, so now I find myself with the nice pair of MDR-EX100ip's and the cable from the XBA-1s. What I'd like to do, is somehow remove the cable from the MDRs and replace it with the cable from the XBAs. But I'm afraid that would either be a task for a professional of unheard-of knowledge, or something nearly impossible if barely accomplish able by myself. Could anyone  provide some insight on how I could do this? Sounds simple--removed wire from XBAs, want to connect MDR earbud/driver housings to it to have nice buds with a nice cable. Thank you in advance for any help made available.