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Bose Quiet Comfort 15 vs Sennheiser HD-598

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I'll try and keep this short and sweet.


I'm looking into getting my first pair of respectable headphones, and am deciding between the Bose Q C 15s or the Sennheiser HD-598. I've been thinking on it for a little while now, and I noticed Amazon Sennheisers to about $180 new. I could also pick up a pair of the Bose for around that used. I know I can't really go wrong with either one; however I'd love some input!



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Do you need isolation? Do you want powerful bass?

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No, heavy bass isn't important. I've thought about isolation, as I've lined up a gig as a sound tech, however I've kind of assumed that both sets of headphones should be of good enough quality to override the crowd.


Also, I generally have a apprehension with buying used electronics. However how safe of  a bet would it be buying used headphones? Worth saving the money for the potential wear and tear?

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Well, Bose reputation is not good around here. Most people agree that Bose make good headphones in terms of confort and isolation, but not in terms of sound quality.


If you don't care about isolation and neutral bass is not a problem for you then you should consider buying open headphones.


Sennheiser HD598


Sony MDR-MA900


If you prefer some isolation you should look into closed headphones. In this case you should consider:


Shure SRH-840


SoundMagic HP-100


You can read a lot about this headphones here in this forum. You can't go wrong with any of them.


Best Luck!

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+1 shure srh-840 for what you need them. Isolation can go a long way. When it comes to travel, the qc15 have the best noise isolation with comfort to boot, but sound quality is very mediocre for the price.
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Sorry, just one last question! I've been leaning towards the Sennheiser HD598's, however a lot of the reviews seem to stress just how open they are. You seem to have a pretty good handle on your headphones. To what extent do you feel outside noise would interfere with the sound? If I'm walking in public, would light noise and chatter be heard, nearly as if I wasn't wearing them at all?


If I'm already used to pretty low grade headsets, would there be an improvement in noise isolation? I suppose I initially assumed that most of the headphones worth having, would be inherently more isolated than what you can get for sub $100. I'm starting to get the feeling that they sacrificed more or less all isolation for such a high quality level of sound.



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Originally Posted by TolkienWASP View Post
(...)nearly as if I wasn't wearing them at all?



Open and most semi open headphones are intended for indoor use only. That's the case of Sennheiser HD598, which provide no isolation at all from 20Hz to 2000Hz, that is pretty close to simply no isolation at all.


If you are not planning to use them at home or in a really quiet place you should definitely pick closed headphones. Both SoundMagic HP-100 and Shure Srh-840 are pretty close to HD598 in terms of sound quality, they are less smooth and have smaller soundstage than but they provide more bass. Srh-840 is maybe more detailed than HD598.


Hope that helps!

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Open back headphones will not drown out the crowd unless they're cranked up. If you're doing live mixing etc you almost certainly want closed back monitor type headphones (minimal coloring etc). If you'll be using a mixing board you can use higher impedance headphones but then they won't be directly drivable by an mp3 player or smart phone.


Beyerdynamic DT250-250 (need an amp)

Beyerdynamic DT660

Sony MDR 7506 

Shure SRH 940 (flatter response than the 840 which have a LOT of bass).

AKG K550


The Bose QC-15 are great for noise isolation on an airplane, but are really not very good sound quality wise. 


For your application the Sony MDR 7506 are by far the least expensive with a reputation for being tough and having good sound quality at an affordable price.

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To the OP, you never replied what kind of gig you have as a sound tech. Is it in studio or is it in a live setting? If in the studio, then the shure srh-940s will work, as they have a flatter response as Sxooter said. However, the shure srh-840 will do better in a live setting, as they give a more accurate bass response than the 940s and will not lose your job if too many people leave your sound stage. The 940s will give a better response in recording accuracy, whereas the 840 is better balanced (more accurate bass against the 940), according to MalveauX at least (I think that is his username).

Edit: In regards to used audio equipment, go ahead and get new equipment to maintain the useability and future cleaning needs, since it sounds like you will use the cans very often. If they (your work) have the budget to replace the cans for you (work equipment expense), then it will be able to pay for itself.
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