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Are my new earphones broken? Should i return?

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Today i finally got my JVC  HA-FX1X's from ebay and i noticed the right earphone sounds like the driver is broken. When some deep bass comes in, the right side seems to rattle, it sounds like the subwoofer or some part of the driver has come loose and is being pushed loosely  inside. I went to The Ultimate Headphones Test and confirmed the right side rattles when the bass sweep is played and during the Quality test which shakes your drivers for bass. I believe the right driver is broken, but maybe they need to be used a little? I can hear the rattle sound is made throughout most of the Bass test, and only for the right side, the left side sounds completely normal and fine. What should i do? Return them to the ebay seller and ask for another pair from him? Right now he has 29 still available, so i need to act quick if i will be returning them, im not even sure if i can... Again, what should i do? Is this natural? Will the problem fix itself after a while? Do i burn them in for like a day and hope the problem goes away, or return them as soon as i can?


Please help! Thanks in advance.


UPDATE: So after a few minutes of leaving them in my ears with nothing playing, i tried the bass test again and the quality test and i was amazed, the rattle was gone, but then i tapped on the right earphone and the rattle returned, so it seems like they truly are broken, but again, not sure if it is natural and will go away after some use...


Update 2: After a minute or two again of no audio being played, i tried the bass and quality test again and no rattle, then halfway through the quality test the right side must have gotten the broken part shaken loose or something again and it began rattling again and rattled from the start when i restarted the quality test.


ebay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/350789609529?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

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Anyone? Not even a little feedback or advice?

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I have that exact IEM, my only one, and never had any rattling issue. Send them back but check with the seller if you need a RMA or any special marking or whatever.
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Seems like something is definitely funky with the driver. Id definitely look to get a new pair. It isnt a burn in problem since u can tap it and have the problem disappear or return. Also the fact its only on one side just seems problematic.

Getting a new one is def ur best bet
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Thanks, ill definitely send them back to get a refund and i just realized i can get a for sure legitimate pair on Amazon for $16



or for even $10 and it is a link straight from JVC's website so should be the real deal for sure with this link.


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