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Hi guys, first of all i'm a 28 year old male :P, i love Metal(from sludge, doom to black), Funk, Pop, Dark Jazz, Shoegaze etc.


I'm at the point where i want to buy my first pair of headphones and my budget is of 100 euros. I fell in love(visually) with Accidentally Extraordinary 51st studio when i saw some days ago Tyll Hertsens review on Inner Fidelity youtube channel, from there i searched others good headphones at the same price, and again on his channel i saw the UE6000 that are on the same price but they were at the 199€ category on release.


Now i'm here to ask you if, even with the same price, the two are comparable, ae51st is released in 100€ category, while ue6000 fell off to this category only by price and maybe still being of superior quality. I don't know i'm only supposing, hope you can explain to me, because UE6000 are compared to 250€ and over headphones, while ae51st are compared to 50€ CAL! and other 150€ max headphones. Is this because UE6000 simply is better than all the 100/150€ headphones? Or it was only a price based comparison?


Now i want to say what are my concerns, i literally esthetically love ae51st, i would use them anywhere, they seem solid and durable, and they also have replaceable earpads, Tyll said they have a lovely sound, not perfect on mid and bass, but still poorly extended, what does it mean? He also seem to prefer CAL! sound to them.


Anyway, let's talk of UE6000, he was astonished about its sound for the price(it was 199€) so i suppose for the actual 100€ this pair of headphones are better compared to al the 100/150€ category? I have to say i don't like them esthetically very much, probably if i didn't see ae51st i would be of another opinion, but actually i think i would not use them going around while i would consider it with ae51st as said before. Another bad thing is that UE6000 earpads are not replaceable, i don't know how much time a pair of headphones earpads lasts but this doesn't convince me at all, i feel like i buy this pair of headphones with the certainty that i will have to buy another pair when these will break, while ae51st seems like durable and something cool i will give one day to my sons, maybe at that time with ****ty sound, but cool looking :P.


Don't get me wrong, i'm not an "all looking, screw sound" guy, i would consider esthetical factor if both are comparable on sound quality level, but if UE6000 are much much better than ae51st at the same price...well, i'll make my mind and buy them.


Last but not least, Accidentally Extraordinary is a new company, i don't know if they're going to fail and close everything tomorrow or the day after, how warranty will be granted? And i don't even know anything about the actual warranty at all :P, they sell them from Amazon, if something goes wrong with my headphone who sould i contact?



As you can see i'm here with a lot of confusion and i don't know so much about technical matters, so if you can explain me as i was 5 i would be glad and kiss you :P, i'm here to learn and understand while deciding, so if someone has something to say or even other headphone to suggest...well, i would appreciate it very very much. Ty in advance.