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Amperior, Onkyo or something else? Closed, portable.

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This is my first post after much lurking and searching. Thanks for such a great community. 


I'm looking for headphones for a dual purpose: closed cans that isolate well enough to be used for monitoring at-home vocal recording and a bit of sound editing, as well as being used on-the-go with my iPod Touch, in part on airplanes. The Onkyo headphones and Amperiors both get terrific reviews.I listen to jazz, pop, some instrumentals, rock and lots of vocalists, including women vocalists. 


The Amperior close-out prices make them $10 less than the Onkyos! But I'm wondering about comfort issues with both. I'm 5-1, with small head and ears (yeah, I'm vaguely proportionate). I've got the Amperior on order from egghead to make sure I snag that great $139 price.


My at-home headphones are old but pristine Senn HD 545s. Of course, they are open, and bleed too much sound to be used for recording. 


Anything else I should be looking at? Are there some small, light circumaurels I should consider? I'd like to stay under $200 and preferably under $150.

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Haven't heard the Onkyo's but I've heard/owned a bunch of favorite portable on-ear's here and the Amperiors come out near the top, if not the top. $139 for them is an utter steal.

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I haven't tried the Amperiors but have also read good things about them (for example the Amperiors made InnerFidelity's Wall of Fame for best on ear headphone).  You might also want to consider a couple of Beyerdyanmics-the DT1350s and the T51ps.  I used to own the DT1350s and upgraded to the newer T51ps.  Both offer decent isolation and have good sound for a portable on ear.  IMO, the DT1350s have a more of a neutral sound but the downside (and why I sold them) is sometimes it can be difficult to achieve a good seal with them so if you do not they can sound thin or hollow.  The T51ps have a slightly warmer than neutral sound and more bass than the DT1350s.  I have also found that the T51ps do not have the seal issue of the DT1350s.  For that it is worth both Steve Guttenberg and WhatHiFi really like the T51ps.  My opinion is that that Beyerdynamic designed the DT1350s more for monitoring and the T51ps more for the portable listening as the warmer signature of the T51ps helps in noisier environments.  The T51ps retail for close to $300 but the DT1350s can be purchased for less than $200. 

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You are right--I should really go listen to the Beyer 1350. I like the looks more than the Amperior. I should test for myself whether I like or dislike the more "clinical" sound, compared to the Amperior. The recording and editing I'll be doing won't be for commercial purposes, so a completely neutral response isn't necessary.


My biggest concern with the Onkyo and Amperior is comfort. So I've ordered both and will return one. But I'll also go over to my local Guitar Center to compare the Beyerdynamics and whatever else seems light, packable and isolates from leakage.

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