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Bassier Etymotic level Isolating In Ear Monitors

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I picked up Tinnitus about 2 years ago at a gig and, while I've gotten over the woe of it to a large extent, I haven't listened to music on headphones since. I read a lot on hearing damage when the ringing began and, paranoia or whatever, took the decision not to wear them. However, I now have a commute, and feel like I don't listen enough, so I was thinking of some IEMs. There's a lot of conjecture out there on what's most damaging for the ears (in ear, over ear, closed, open...). The only consensus I've found is that quieter is better and, as I really don't want the high pitched sound in my right ear to get any louder, I've decided isolation is key for me. I'll check 3 times at every road I cross, as long as I can listen at a lower level.


Etymotic looked like the way to go (found mc5s for about £50 online, which is my ideal price range), but every review I've read sums up as 'great detail, weak bass'. Now, to complicate things further, I'm a bassist in a band (I wear ear plugs) and find the phrase 'weak bass' a bit blasphemous. I listen to a lot of Ska and Funk and Jazz and generally enjoy being able to hear the low end of a recording.


Sooooooo can anyone recommend a pair of cheapish IEM's that can isolate as well, or nearly as well as Ety, but offer a better bass response (or convince me that the mc5 bass response is fine). If not I think I'm gonna get the mc5s and ipod EQ my pristine 320kbps music collection (a pity). I would also be open to the idea of active noise cancellation but from what I've seen these tend to be a bit pricier.




PS Anyone got any thoughts on these http://www.etymotic.com/ephp/hd5.html. Think they just came out - wondering if I should hold up and wait for some reviews.

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I haven't heard the MC5. I have the Ety hf3. I really like them. They aren't boomy bass monsters - but the bass is there and I think it is excellent quality bass. I'm driving them with a fairly low gain dac/amp (Fiio E10) and I've also used them with several other smaller amps. However, the hf3 is twice the price of the MC5. If you want something REALLY cheap that has good isolation (with the right tips), you could try the Mee M6 Sport ($20) from Amazon. They aren't in the same class as the Ety hf3 - not even close - but they aren't really horrible. They have some bass - although it's not got much texture, and overall they sound a bit congested. However, the isolation is good and they are small & comfortable - very similar form factor to the Westones and the Shure SE215 (but a cheaper build quality).
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Thanks for the quick answer! The Mee M6 Sport looks really good for a low price option. You say your driving the hf3 with an amp. Would this improve/eq up the bass response? (as you may be able to tell, this is still all pretty new to me). I'd planned to run the mc5 straight from an ipod classic.


Anyone got any other suggestions?

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