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Spec Me... DJ/Studio/Bass Heavy Cans

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Hi Guys

I'm not terribly clued up on full size phones but do like my IEMs, particularly my Hippo VB for gym use with their divine sub/mid bass thump. Likewise I've also owned Atrios, so you may get a feel for the sound I like.

I've grown quite a hobby of late in learning Ableton Live 9 for "producing" studio mixes. I wont use the word DJ to avoid a being the catalyst of two camps arguing that mixing in a studio style is not akin to the art of DJing.

Anywhoo, please can you spec me as follows;

(1) Something heavily weighted towards head rattling bass, for both fun factor but also truly allowing me to easily line up those 4/4 bass lines

(2) I fully appreciate this doesn't go hand on hand with point 1, but mids and highs still clear enough to give me a good feel for the EQ of the mix. Clearly I wont be doing any mix mastering on these headphones with such a weighted bias towards the bass spectrum

(3) Budget circa £100 or less and available easily in the UK. I can stretch to £150 if theres phones that are better enough to justify the extra.

(4) Easily powered by mains connected laptop and reach maximum potential

A few suggestions will get me started and I'll start searching the forums to begin my own research.

Thanks guys smily_headphones1.gif
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Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm or The M-Audio Q40 (be sure to replace the pads with dt770 pads or etc.)

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