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Blue Microphones entering Headphone space with Mo-FI - Page 3

Poll Results: What do you think Blue will be serving up with their new Mo-Fi headphones - you can select more than one

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 26% of voters (8)
    Bluetooth Wireless Connection
  • 23% of voters (7)
    Variable impedance and efficiency selectable with switch
  • 36% of voters (11)
    Pre-set EQ curves for varying qulaity of music files
  • 20% of voters (6)
    Variable Bass control via switch
  • 16% of voters (5)
    DSP settings for hall type effects
  • 43% of voters (13)
    Switchable open or closed headphone type
30 Total Votes  
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We have a release date!  8-26-2014


New email today has a link to another short teaser vid with our pal Jude.  Cannot wait to see and  hear them.  Wonder if they remember my review request.

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Have just purchased!! Can't wait..
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Looks like the poll voters got it wrong. Well, 4 out of 26 got it right I guess. 

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The world greatest Barrette headphone!:smile_phones: 


Is the headband plastic or metal?

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Well, looks like I did not think of everything.  Novel concept putting the amp into the headphones.  Can't wait to hear them.  

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Why are these so revolutionary? Amps have been put into headphones before, but they're marketing them like they haven't. I'm thinking Denon and PSB recently, and probably others.

I don't see why it would be a good thing either having all that electrical energy right near your ear... I'd rather have a great dedicated dac/amp be it desktop or portable.


Here's what producer BT is saying (who I respect a lot he has made some brilliant albums - and some less brilliant)


"So thank you @mofi for making the most epic pair of headphones on earth. Swear, what ever you're listening on, can't beat these."


Has he never heard of Audeze, Hifiman, Ultrasone, Stax, Beyer or Senn HD800s etc? Or does he seriously think they are superior? OR (most likely option) is he being paid for this PR..



Also - personal opinion obv but although these look like they would be comfy, aesthetically they look horrible.

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i have a few of the above, not high end but nearly so. these Mo Fi's are good cans. Out of a portable they never seem strained and are very full and balanced. As for the looks, these aren't jecklin floats but admittedly they are different, anyway who cares about the looks? i don't have to look at them just listen to them.

maybe BTs just checking the mix with headphones. I would think monitors would be more appropriate for mixing.

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