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Sony Ex70

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Just got the Sony EX70 ear buds and i have to say i am very pleased loads of bass and great sound easily the best ear phones i have had, but i hear there is a mod what is this mod? and what does it do to the sound?
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there are two basic mods: the tape mod and the foam mod. The first mod (and the simplest) decreases the bass response. All you have to do is take a small piece of tape and place it over the three holes on the back of the earbud. You can also do this with glue, it's obviously more permanent that way but it does look better. Try it with the tape first to see how you like it. The second mod decreases the treble. Not many people do this mod because they don't have a problem with the ex70's treble response, but I found my ex70's treble to be screetchy. On the end of that little tube that goes into your ear, there's a small piece of paper that sort of caps it. If you pull that little piece of paper off you'll find that the tube is hollow. Then you take a little piece of foam (I used foam from an old headphone pad) and stuff it into the tube. You can use as much or as little foam as you want, to either reduce or increase the treble as much as you want. I tend to do this a lot, I call it foam equalization . After reducing the treble and the bass, I think the ex70's sound much more balanced, and the midrange comes out a bit more. They become much more musical, and I use them all the time now whereas before I almost hated using them. Hope this helps...
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Could you give some more details of the type of foam (headphone pad) that you used? Was it soft or more rigid foam as in the grado pads?
I've tried the foam mod and, frankly, have not been too pleased with the results. (I used some thin foam that I cut into 1/4" wide strips, rolled up and pushed into the tubes).
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what is it that you don't like about the sound?
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Without the foam, I found the treble very harsh. Sibillants were very hard to take! The foam improved the treble harshness a little but I still find them fatiguing.
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then add more! Just keep adjusting the amount that you use until it sounds right. you might need more than you think, but if the sound is still harsh then there isn't enough. The foam I used was from the Grado comfy pad, so the foam wasn't very dense. I would imagine that any foam would work though.
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Thanks! I'll keep experimenting. I guess the grado comfy pad foam doesn't have any particular audio absorption properties so any other foam should work.
ps the foam I tried came was the stuff that a dy cleaner often puts on a metal clothes hanger to protect the clean clothes. It's great advantage is it is thin and can be cut into a thin strip.
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yeah, it was a good idea to use that. It took me some time to get the right pieces with the grado pad, but that sounds much easier.
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