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Today arrived my new headphones, the inexpensive Superlux HD668B and im totally stunned by the difference in sound quality compared to the previous cheap gaming headset that i had. Im using it with a zalman clip-on mic and everything is perfect. The only thing that i would like to improve is the comfort of those headphones...Sure they are really comfortable but the leather-type ear pads are really making the skin around me ears sweat and they are not so fluffy and comfortable but somewhat skinny.
I read tons of peoples reccomendations about a specific Ear Pad made of Velour (is that Velvet?) that is produced for the AKG K240 headphones but they can also be used on mine. The only problem is that the link where you can get them that everybody gives is this one:
and the problem with that is that im from Greece and the shipping itself from Germany is more expensive from the Ear Pad itself. (16€ Ear Pads +20€ Shipping)

I found those alteratives on ebay but im not sure if they are the same ones like the above that all people reccomend.

Anybody knows if they are indeed the same product and if not, do they provide the same comfort to the ears?
Also you can reccomend any other types of Ear Pads that you think will suit me.

Thanks in advance for your time.