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For Sale: Grado SR-225

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For Sale:
Grado SR-225

Will Ship To: Anywhere



Up for sale are my Grado SR-225 headphones.  These are about 10 years old but haven't seen heavy use.  More importantly, they were sent back to Grado a few months ago and new drivers were installed (which cost me $60).  I have since put about 40 hours of music on them to "burn them in", so that's done--if you believe in or worry about such things.  I take very good care of my equipment and these are in excellent condition.  Also I replaced the pads about three years ago.  I'm selling them because my tastes have changed towards more neutral headphones, such as the Ety ER-4S, which I recently purchased, and my Sony MDR-7506's and Sennheiser HD-595's.  I do not have the original packing material.  What you see in the photos is what you get.


I'm asking $100 for these, shipping included.  Shipping will be via USPS Priority mail with tracking and insurance.  I will ship overseas (i.e. outside USA) for probably about $15 extra, depending on where they are going and if the buyer wants insurance, but I will need to determine the extra shipping costs on a case by cases for non USA buyers.  (Also please note that non-USA buyers will have to figure in the customs duties on the sale value, which is what I will put as the value on the customs form.)


This is my first sale listing in Head-Fi, but I am a moderator over at Candlepowerforums and I have a number of "cheers" in their marketplace forum.  My username there is "js" and I think you can search for me and find me in the Cheers and Jeers sub-board.  But it has been a while since I've been at all active over there.  However, I did buy my Apogee Duet from Head-Fi classifieds.  In any case, these will be well packed and as described.


I accept paypal only.


PM or post with questions.


Thanks for looking.



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do you know what drivers were installed? were they the 225 drivers or the 225i drivers?

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Good question.  I honestly don't know.  And I asked the local dealer.  He looked at the slip and found no information that would tell us.  Personally, I think they updated the drivers because there was a different sound, to my ears, after the repair.  I figured it was a burn-in thing, but it wasn't.  Burning in did change the sound a bit--for the better--and they sound very good, I think, but I also think they sound different.  But I don't know.  If there's anything I've learned recently it's that audio memory is very subjective, so I could be totally wrong.


Bottom line: I don't know if the new drivers are the 225 or the 225i.

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thanks for the info...i'm not sure what grado's policy is - whether they try to replace the original drivers if possible. i would think that's their policy, but who knows. i wish i was in the market for the 225 b/c these are some great it is, my next pair of headphones with be something of the planar magnetic variety. good luck with your sale.

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PMed yesterday. Forgot to post here afterwards.

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