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Spek spectrum uderstanding

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I'm not sure if this question is right for this forum, but I'll try anyway...


I'm trying to determine the quality of MP3 file (using this incrustations) and the spectrum (from Spek) shows this: http://oi40.tinypic.com/ilh9h4.jpg

Why is it cut-off? Does it mean the audio file is not ok?



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This might help

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Crap, didn't see the link you posted. My bad. :p


The cut-off on spek usually is on the top , which shows the range of frequencies (Hz). The bottom line (read from left to right) should only show the length of the track. The only thing I can think of is that the track goes silent after 1.38 (or a very poor rip with a very interesting feature).

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It seems to be a Spek bug. It happened to me too few times with some files. When there is encoding error in MP3 it stops analyzing it further, but sound players will ignore it and continue playing.

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