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The Best over-ear headphones available costing around $50

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Hey Audiophiles ! 


I really need some help with finding some of the best Over-ear headphones available in a $50 price range , or maybe even $55 . The main kind of music I listen to is hip - hop ( Jpop And kpop ) and occasionally , dubstep . Also , something optimized for apple devices ( Ipod classic 160 GB ) would be preferred since I mainly listen to music on my ipod classic . My idea of the headphones I'm searching for is something that has good , clear audio reproduction ( VOCALS ) without compromising on bass . I've been checking out some headphones from Sennheiser ( Sennheiser HD 4x9 series) . I'm open to anything within the price range I quoted . Gotta buy it in about 2 days .


Please reply quick .


P.S. I know the 4x9 series is more than my price range , but I just checked it out :)


Thanks an' much appreciated !


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The Sennheiser HD439 are the best rated on goldenears.net and cost $60 used on amazon, but if you want open-back cans (better for treble at the cost of bass), I heard the superlux HD 681 (or 688B) were really good bang-for-the-buck.

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Check this thread out for a review on the superlux hd 668B and sennheiser hd 428 (similar to 439):




So it depends on bass or vocals.  Bass, get the HD 439.  Vocals and treble, get the HD 668B.  If you already have cans that will perform sub-bass that is good for your listening needs, then go for the HD 688B.


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Thanks for the reply . The sennheiser HD 4x9 headphones are a bit too much for my budget . My budget's about $50 . How about companies like Audio technica or Sony ? Audio Technica headphones are really good but I guess they're too much for my budget ... anyways , any other recommendations ? Im a bit new to the headphone scene . 

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Koss DJ100 is great for vocals and has good bass.

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Do you mean the KOSS DJ100 PRO over -ear headphones ? Those are way over my budget . Theyre around $80


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Keep posting recommendations guys , ill be seeing them 

Thanks again ! :D

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You should consider Gemini HSR-1000 (Takstar Pro 80)


Best Luck!

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I guess I'll drop the headphone idea for now ... guys , mind giving me some recommendations for earbuds ( calibrated for apple preferably ) ?? I've been seeing audio technica  so any recommendations from those ? ( <$55 ) And please , dont recommend wireless ones because i mainly listen to music on my ipod . The audio preferance is the same ... vocals ( clear mids and highs ) without a complete sacrifice of bass . 

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creative aurvana live are 50€ and a lot of people compare them to 150€ headphones

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Ultimate Ears 600s are the most of what you can get for $50 new at amazon, according to |joker|'s 300+ iem review anyways.
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I had Skullcandy Titans , but those had a warm signature mainly , and really lacked those artistic highs and mids .... the bass was amazing though . especially when plugged into my ipod . I lost those so I'm looking to buy something else , but I feel that those are really overpriced for the quality that they offer .. what do you guys think ?

Anyways , I guess ill wait to buy some awesome over-ear headphones like the Audio Technica ATH-M50s . Earbuds are gonna have to do for now ... So if I cant find any good earbuds before then , skullcandy Titans its gonna have to be . Keep the recommendations coming guys 


Thanks !

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Read reviews by joker and ClieOS, they've both reviewed hundreds. I'm sure you'll be able to find something for you in your budget.

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Any good in-ear buds out there? [And btw I read reviews thanks for the links smily_headphones1.gif ] Like the jaybirds bluebuds? Not on a budget here so quote away audiophiles!
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