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I stands for "improved" FYI.
Hence why it should have been 500i or 450.
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i stands for internet.

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"i" believed it stood for the idea that these can be run out of portable devices, which was why the standard offering comes with a right-angled 3.5mm jack.

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For the people who have actually heard the 400 and 400i, if I want a really big soundstage, which model in the HiFiMan line would be best for me?  I'm using these 100% for heavy Dolby surround movies.  Some of these will be Blurays of concerts in 7.1...

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They are similar in regards to sound stage. I'd give a very slight nod to the original but the difference was very small. 

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I'd give the nod to the HE-400 in that manner, but only because its upper midrange is laid-back to the point of it sounding like you're sitting far back for orchestral pieces etc.  I'm not sure how that would translate to dolby gaming.

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Any idea how these compare to the Denon AH-D600 for movies?

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Matt, if you get a chance can you go onto youtube or some of the other sites and play any of the Dolby 7.1 tests (helicopter, canyon, or the others).  Let me know what the 400i sounds like.. I noticed on some headphones, the helicopter sounds like its right in front of me and when it pans to the rear, there is a hole in the back center. (right behind me).  I listened to the 400 with a tube amp and it felt much further away and no hole in the back.  I'm using Razer surround software (free download) to simulate the surround on my laptop


Here is 1 link:



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Originally Posted by MichaelJames99 View Post

Any idea how these compare to the Denon AH-D600 for movies?

I think the D600 is still better for watching movies and TV. But only because its closed back. I can let you know later on today for sure though.
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Second impressions after letting them run for 24 hours. I can say with out a doubt that these are pretty solid phones. They are super comfortable, pretty light, and with much less clamping pressure than the HE-500s. Sound-wise I have to agree with the group consensus that they are voiced very similar to the 500s. A tab bit brighter, similar bass impact, but with a smaller sound stage and less separation of sound.


Obviously one of the main benefit with these is you don't need a powerful headphone amp to drive them. I was able to get solid sound out of my iphone but they still benefit from a nice headphone amp. So the 500s give you a little more detail and depth but a darker overall sound. The 500s retailed for $300 more than these but can be found for the same price now on clearance. For me personally I'd select the 500s over these but for others it might be a toss up. These are probably the most comfortable phones I've ever worn.


I would take either hifiman over the Beyer DT880s I used to own.

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Hi guys
Anyone have the T90 to compare to the HE-400i? Would like to know if I should be looking out for them on sale.
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If you want an airy planar, that the HE4 in a nutshell.
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I dunno Matt. Qhile it may be better, I still prefer the 400's bass over pretty much everything I have heard that was 'better' and more linear. I expect an actual improved 400, with the 400i. This isn't that. It's a different flavor of 500 with less weight. So...I dunno. I'm not denying it be a better can. Just wish it was a better 400, like it's name. Alpha Dog is better than the Mad Dog, yet I still prefer the Mad Dog's balance. DT880 is better than the 990, yet I still prefer the 990, etc, etc.

Ignoring other pluses minus, you thought the bass was better in 400's than LCD-2's pre-Fazor revisions if you had a chance to A|B them ?

I really thought 400i was going to be some LCD-2/500 hybrid sig.

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I believe I had my 2nd HE400 when I had the LCD2. The pre-fazor LCD2's bass was my ideal level and quality of bass. The HE400 was about 95% there though. Any less and it just takes away from what I want out of my planars. The LCD2 is a torture device for me though.

Wanna note that I had both a leather and vegan LCD2 on hand. Both had superb, ideal bass for my tastes.

if Audeze made a lighter LCD2 with new design... it'd be endgame level for me.
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Originally Posted by sealykojac View Post

I would take either hifiman over the Beyer DT880s I used to own.
Sadly, I have to agree with you, but I will never get rid of my 880's its something I will cherish forever. I still love the sound of the DT880 but I think I am moving away from that sound signature a bit.

I think the HE-400i is actually a good reference sounding headphone IMHO. Which I think is what they were going for.
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