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is there a reason my Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 is 68ohm?

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I have only seen the 38ohm version so i was confused to why these ones are 68?
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The Ath700mk2 are 38ohm , not 68ohm. Don't know where did you get that, but probably a misspelled box letter. There are no 68 ohm drivers. 

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I thought that, have they not made another version? I got them from Dv247.com.. it says 38ohm on there site, they also said they were the anniversary version but they weren't, it said on the box 68ohm on a sticker, and they do seem harder to drive seeing as I've had 26ohm headphones or something before, i don't know whether they are legit now frown.gif
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Ignore the mispelled sticker: ATH anniversaries are usually a different scheme colour, nothing more than that.

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They are harder to drive though, they seem more than 38ohm. I have just emailed Audio Technica UK to be sure. Does the site i mentioned seem ok to you?
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No offense but, How do you know they harder to drive? Which other hp do currently have or tried? In any case, keep us informed about what ATH UK replies.

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I have 26ohm Sony MDR-V700 and they are simple to drive,the PRO700MK2 these need the second gain option on my STX otherwise they are too quiet. Maybe they have made a 68ohm version then, i really don't know though
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There's also sensitivity involved, which is far more important than impedance when low/high volume is an issue. Keep us informed

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This is what Audio Texhnica said..

Thank you for your email. We can confirm that DV247.com are a very well known and reputable reseller – they have been supplier of our products for many years, and have been known to offer very good service and after-service.

If the impedance is stated as 68ohms, this will be a misprint – I have had a quick look on their website, but haven’t yet found it (can see the PRO700MK2ANV, but this is showing the correct impedance. If you could direct us to the direct page, we will get in touch with their marketing department to ensure it is corrected.

As long as the part number is exactly as you have written, however, so either ATH-PRO700MK2, or ATH-PRO700MK2ANV, then we can guarantee that they will be correct to the specs that we have published on our website. If you were to purchase them, and there was any discrepancy, then you would be welcome to contact us again, however as DV247 are a supplier of ours, we would consider it highly unlikely for them to provide any of our headphones that are modified/not genuine.

We do thank you for contacting us, however, as we would prefer our customers are cautious if they see anything that appears suspicious, to ensure that they buy a genuine copy from an authorised reseller.
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It could be the cable rather than the headphones. In my experience, higher impedance (up to a certain point) hasn't always meant harder to drive. There are other contributing factors too.

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I can see what you're saying. I just don't understand why a sticker the size of a Samsung Galaxy S2 home button has been put over the top of the original impedance rating with 68ohm on there when everywhere i have looked says 38ohm. I am furthermore confused because they state on their website that they're 38ohm.

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I also received today an ATH-Pro700MK2 with a 68 ohm sticker over the original 38 ohm package imprint , but the 68 ohm is also written(not overwrite or sticker) on the Instructions/Specs paper included in the package. I don't know if I must be worried since there is no official 68 ohm version on any Audio-Technica site (Romania or .com) and UK site does not even list ATH-Pro700MK2 (discontinued???). The store where I bought it is listed on the Audio-Technica Europe, so there cannot be fake. I was afraid that 68 ohms will make then sound less louder, but they are pretty easy to drive from my Sony Xperia T, but the 106 db SPL is doing a good job and I did not notice loudness differences at the same volume comparing to Sennheiser HD25-2 that has 120 db SPL. Maybe a good thing with the 68 ohm is that they are harder to damage, I don't know how that combines with 3500 mW input power, which I don't thing I will ever feed them from my Fiio E07k since I'm not a DJ, I only listen them home. At least, they sound like expected, I just can't wait for the burn-in to be done.

Another thing that I don't like is the barcode and serial number , they are also as a sticker and not stamped. This does not give them a genuine air.


I will also write to Audio-Technica about that.


Still, the question remains: 38 or 68 ohms ?

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Fixed: Currently we have no information about counterfeited ath pro700mk2. 

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I now have confirmation that these are legit. I spoke to Audio Technica UK and they said the 68ohm version is the new version that has been bought in. If you have any problems or questions just email them. They are 100 percent legit.

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My problem is not if they are genuine, but more like how does this affect the advertised sound since I did buy them only based on what I read from others and I do not have another 38 ohm version to compare. I mean, I would like to hear about the 68 ohms version that it retains all that quality bass as stated and maybe the mids are better (since they were recessed). Otherwise, why Audio-technica would want to change a good product? Or, does the factory that builds them just ran out of 38 ohm drivers ? Tsunami? Financial crisis ?

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