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Any new headphones out of CES 2014?

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Just wondering if anyone has seen/heard anything good from CES this year.

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not sure model names but companies that have released new headphones are;

Audio Technica
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Avegant released a headphone with a virtual retinal display called Glyph.  They have a kickstarter campaign going as well.  Looks pretty cool.  The heads up display flips down like a blast shield from the headphone band.  Should be very interesting to follow. 

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Harman unveiled a new one that looks pretty interesting - JBL Synchros S400BT. Been looking for a set of BT headphones, so I may wait for these. Uses apt-X and looks pretty durable. Will wait to see how good it sounds though to see if it ranks up with Sony's MDR line.



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Yes, I saw Audio Technica released nine new headphones, while Sennheiser and HiFi Man released new ones too.  I also saw an article that said Monster had a huge display and brought in Shaq as a guest, but would not let anyone phontograph must of their new gear.  I was also very interested in the new Beyerdynamic A 200, which looks promising and I am hopeful some headfiers will get a chance to post comments on what they hear.

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Senn has mostly Momentums on display, a few hd800, and one Orpheus for hands-on demo.
Audio-technica has ANC70 to replace ANC7.
Beyer has a portable amp.
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McIntosh revealed some $2000 headphones outsourced to Beyerdynamic I believe.

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