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Beyerdynamic T50p question

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I am pretty into audio stuff and have a great Naim/Rega/Thorens system at my house.  I recently decided to pick up a decent system for travel and office and bought a Fiio X3 and Beyerdynamic T50p.  


I understand the Beyerdynamics need breaking in.  I'm at about 25 hours.  I generally like their sound, but they do sound somewhat veiled, but of greater concern is that the upper treble seems fairly closed, which is the opposite of everything I've heard about these.  What are people's reaction to this?  Is it possible I have an off pair?  Should a long break in resolve this?  Just the way headphones are?  


It is possible that I'm simply applying too high of a standard over from my home system.

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Well, where do I start. I had the T50p and ended up selling them. Something was always missing. I couldn't put my finger exactly on it but in the upper mids to highs some really important things seem to be absent. The headphone was not bad, but as I got them for a really good price and wasn't listening to them much, I decided to sell them. I didn't sell my DT880 yet :-). Anyhow, it seems the DT1350 and the new T51p have learned from the mistakes in the T50p and are huuuuge improvements.

Not sure if that's what you would like to hear but even after burning them in with any kind of brown, white and pink noise, there was only slight improvement.

However I loved their build quality and overall look and feel. I will be definitively testing the t51p once they are available here.

So, to answer your question, I don't think there is anything wrong with your headphones, they are just not that great.
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