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Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro 80 VS. V-moda m-100

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i was looking for headphones which were closed, isolating and with a good bass, came across some and liked these 2 the most, i havent tried any of them and i wont be able as for there arent selling around my country, i like how the m-100 are foldable and the case is very small, if i get the beyerdynamic then i would get a case for it too because i would not only use them for my gaming PC but also for these 4 hour trips i do everyday (mostly for that last thing).


also, tell me the reason of WHY you would choose one instead of the other.


i see that both can go fine with me because both are great for electronic, DnB, Ambient and Hard Rock music (or at least reviews say so).


ooh hi there :D

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DT770: cleaner sound, more comfortable, better isolation, more durable.

M-100: more bass, more portable, look WAY cooler.

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i am currently using pioneer HDJ-1000 LIMITED and reviews say that they are the most uncomfortable thing in this planet, took me 6 months to get used to its cushioning... im ready for anything! i tried the ATH-M50 the other day, people say they are not too comfortable, they were like heaven in my ears (im talking about cushioning of course)... yeah.


+1 in portability for m-100.


ive seen people test the resistance in the m-100 and thats a lot of strenght in it, even tho i hear people talking about the 770 as tank build quality. both are OK in that way because i really care for my stuff, ive never dropped my phone or headphones. so both have a +1 in that (maybe a +2 in that for beyer :p )


by mentioning "cleaner sound", what does that exactly mean? does the bass in the m-100 distort the mids and highs?

that's for round 1, let round 2 begin! :atsmile: 

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Yeah everything I've read on the VModa M100 is that they are very bass heavy, and the bass tends to override the other range of frequencies. They're really aimed at two different crowds. The DT770s are designed to take a life of abuse in  a studio on musician's heads and survive with minimal damage, while providing great isolation and fairly balanced sound. The bass boost on the DT770s is in the 3 to 6 db range, and all below 200Hz. The bass boost on the M100s starts just under 1k and rises to like 20db or something. Very boomy sounding by comparison.


If you're listening to EDM all day, the M100s are likely a good choice. If you want to be able to listen to stuff like vocals and classical music, they're going to sound very bass heavy.


Note that EQing can make a big difference here for both of them. But the more general purpose headphones are the DT770 the more dedicated bass-head ones are the V100. 

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interesting... i thought about getting an EQ with the 770's at first as for people say that with an amp you can take out its full potential, but then i saw other headphones and got that idea out of my mind. i am seriously getting confused on what decision to make so i will list the music that i hear, maybe you can help me with this:



progressive house


liquid DnB


acoustic guitar only emphasized music (take andy mckee as reference)

heavy rock

progressive metal




sorry for filling up the screen with words, but the whole idea of which headphones ill get is subjective, as for i cant and wont try them unless i own them (my country isnt any close to modern).


i mainly got the idea that i would better get the m-100, but regardless of the situation it seems like the dt 770 pro 80 omhs may be a better choice for me, i AM risking alot portability (dont really care how fancy my headphones look but its a nice feature) but if i get an equalizer with the crossfade m-100, would they be worth over the 770's?


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It's a tough choice man. My personal preference is towards a more level frequency response curve, but personal preference plays a LOT here. Any chance you can get a test drive somewhere near where you live of one or the other. At least listening to one of them or something similar might help you decide. I listen to a lot of the same music as you, and also some classical and jazz thrown in. 


Portability being an issue i'd look through the buyers guide for other suggestions as well. The DT770s really aren't the most portable headphones ever made.

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i dont listen to jazz, i play jazz :cool: (seriously)


i pretty much listen to every genre there is out there (exept radio mainstreamish pop and rap songs, neither that crappy thing people call as "reggaeton" or "rancheras"), but wanted to give a general idea of what suits my ears.


the m-100 seem like a really good choice not only because im upgrading from dj headphones for music (HDJ-1000) but also because they seem to be the perfect headphones when it comes to "on the go" headphones. there is something that still concerns me, even tho in v-moda's webpage they describe this on the headphones (copy/pasted from official webage)



Clean Deep Bass… precise cross-range resolution to hear everything that's really there, without bottom-heavy boom and muddy mid-range


but i've read alot of reviews talking about the mids being "muddy, not bad but still muddy"... i honestly dont know what "muddy" means but that concers me because i like to hear my mids... alot. if they do sound even more than the highs then im OK, but please explain me that, and in the buying guide, the writer wrote this about the m-100: (also copy/pasted)



The M-100's mids are detailed, if not just somewhat subdued with its framing between the prominent bass on the one side, and the soaring treble on the other. Imaging is surprisingly spacious for a closed headphone whose drivers don't appear to me to be at all canted at an angle, like we see on so many headphones today.


....    ._.   <--- (my face)


i got no clue of what does he mean, could you explain me that? so, does it mean the mids are covered all over with the bass and treble sounds??

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It's odd the author refers to soaring highs on the M100s when everything I've seen and read says they have pretty subdued highs. Look at the FR graph here. You can also bring up the one for the DT770. They have similar bass, but the M100 definitely has a bit more, but in that graph the vmoda has no treble to speak of really. That kind of shape tends to produce a very hollow sound to my ear, and I've found that the headphones I have listened to that have such a shape sound hollow (Sennheiser HD428 or ATH-M50 for example) while the ones that keep the treble close to level or a little higher sound much brighter and focused to me.


Note that none of the headphones I've mentioned here are really flat response curves. They're all a bit bass heavy with the HD280Pro being the most level. Also the least exciting, more analytical sound. I would suggest trying out the ATH-M50 or Sennheiser HD280Pro at ~$100 to $120 first to see if that style headphone fits your needs (not buying them just listening to them, they're pretty common in places like guitar center etc). If you listen to them and decide you want more bass, or more treble, or less bass etc you'll have a starting point. If they seem too bass heavy then the M100 would be the wrong direction.

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Also worth considering if you can find them to test drive are the sony mdr v6 and 7506 which are fairly flat and analytical. Not as a choice to necessarily buy, but more as a benchmark to compare the other headphones you're considering. So you'll know what a neutral FR curve sounds like. Also they're cheap enough that if you DID leave them on a train you wouldn't spend an afternoon crying over them.

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i heard there was a pair of ath-m50's in ishop so ill look for them and try them. i already tried them once but only for 2 minutes, with a crappy phone and only mp3. do you think the mids in the ath-m50 would be similar to the mids in the m-100? and that V shape... yeah i havent tried more than 5 cheap headphones in my life... only decent i have tried are bose quietcomfort, hdj-1000 and ath-m50 (not fully though) and they arent half as decent as good pro headphones. when i go to the states ill look for a headphone selling store. (i would be the happiest man if there was a guitar center in town... or in the city... or in the country...), mdr v6 arent available here, any other headphones without the V-shape for me to try? are my HDJ-1000 a V shaped headphone? headphones in town are pretty much skullcandy-beats-bose-sony-harman kardon.


these are my headphones (ideal for DJ-ing, not music listening :tongue:)

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ok, already heard it (M-50's), seems like i do like that V-shaped sound, im a basshead but not a super big fan of it, i like to hear the subbass and get a headshake but every once and then i like to hear a clean mid sound. (still a basshead tho) based on that i can say that both the 770 pro 80 and the crossfade m-100 seem okay for me, i honestly fell in love already for how portable the v-modas are, and the beyer look like clouds (visually) in your ears. portability issues take me to in-ear but i wont risk over-ear sound quality (and comfort). i feel like i may be getting the v-moda crossfade    m-100 but there is something i looovee warm sounding headphones but also with a some bassy sound :L3000:, but that might be in another ocassion... anyways thanks, now i realize that undoubtly the crossfade m-100's are for me, thanks! i have small ears anyway, and portability will be a charm with these! ill be looking at other headphones to see if they are seriously the best, but for now, there are the real deal if i can call them that way :p (damn $310... thats my only complain... at the moment)


both are great, but because as i said mobility is an issue:


winner: V-moda Crossfade m-100 :biggrin: 

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Hello all, I am new and hope to add something to this great fourm! I just got the V-moda m-100 and a week sooner got the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro (COP) and have read for days and I am a huge bass head and started to like the COP after some 48 hrs burn in and not sure if it made any change and I really love that you can change the tone from more bass to less and very little depends on the music, but really wanted more punch in the bass really wanting 50-200 Hz range but not sure if that is going to happen. So over all I really liked the COP and found info about teh V-moda m-100 and ordered them and just got them last night and listened and did some A-B switching as the M-100 you can plug in other head phones so I picked a few songs and went back and forth and for sure the v-100 have maybe a bit lower and a bit more bass and maybe a less of the mid range and for the start I did not like that and it got better and for hte last 24 hr burning in the v-100 but read that burning them in don't improve much, but I will to be fair.


I have read so much and kinda got sad reading about the 2 I got because of reviews, so my advice is to order from v-moda and try them as they have a 60 day return and if your happy great if not I would try the COP and and find a seller that is authorized to sell for the 2 year warranty as almost every seller on flea bay ARE NOT!


I can suggest headphone.com as they get great service and reviews from here and have a 30 return....


Just something to think about because for $200-$300 is alot of money and I want to 99% sure I got what I wanted as life is short...



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useful, thanks. then ill better be ordering my m-100's from v-modas official page. in my case i actually liked what you said, im happy that you clarified me if the mids were just "meh" or if they were good hearable mids. ill test them and if i dont like them well ill send them back but ill  thake that in count. you are probably talking about the subbass sound right?

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Hello, yes I am talking about the sub bass that I am wanting, I think the m-100 are my choice because of the good bass, I can recall listening to Boston in the 80's and wanting more bass and later understand that you can't get what's not there.


I listen to rock like Boston, Journey, Van Halen, Creed, Nickelback, Metallica and read that the m-100 are not for rock and they may be right but after reading all those reviews and still wanted to try them and see or head for myself and say to anyone else do the same as everybody hears what they want to hear or don't.


If I was to pick a overall headphone I would go with the COP as they are adjustable so better for more types of music and if they had maybe 25% to 50% more bass without changing the other tones I would be super happy but since that's not the case right now, that's why I am testing the both COP & m-100.


I wish you good luck finding what you are looking for and by the way moda I think offer you free caps for the headphones and custom engraving if you upload a design..



P.S Last night I was listening to the m-100 for 45 min and after I felt a odd feeling from my head like maybe I was listening to too much bass..... Not sure will retest..

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Originally Posted by cengell View Post



I listen to rock like Boston, Journey, Van Halen, Creed, Nickelback, Metallica and read that the m-100 are not for rock and they may be right but after reading all those reviews and still wanted to try them and see or head for myself and say to anyone else do the same as everybody hears what they want to hear or don't.


i also listen to alot of rock, more into the creed, nickelback, seether, daughtry style. what did you think about that kind of rock music in those headphones? im not as a basshead as you BTW :p

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