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For Sale: HiFiMAN HE-400 w/ extras

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For Sale:
HiFiMAN HE-400 w/ extras

Will Ship To: Continental US

Selling my HiFiMAN HE-400 (Rev.2 with the good white drivers) that I purchased used 7 months ago. They are in perfect working condition and exhibit no abusive wear. The headphones come in the original packaging with the stock cable, two sets of ear pads (velour and leather), and a Beyerdynamic headband. As high a quality the sonics of them are, I'm selling these because the signature just doesn't jive with my style and have been sitting for the last couple of months. Would rather see them go to a good owner who will appreciate them more than I have.


Asking $300 OBO which includes fees and shipping. Will ship to anywhere in the Continental US or, if you are in the Los Angeles area, you can pick them up locally. Please PM or email me if you have any questions.


Thanks for checking them out! -Rich

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Including shipping in the price now.

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Pending transaction.

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