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New and completely lost! please help!

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Hello everyone, I'm new here and a full on noob. So lets get straight to the point shall we. My father in-law is an old school audiophile. His music collection is massive and his stereo sounds great (its old i have no idea what it is or any information about it) Anyway, his music collection easily fills an entire 20x20 room with blue bins, boxes, and shelves filled with cd's and vinyl. So my brother in law and myself being computer nerds decided the best Christmas gift we could get him (For next year)  would be to digitize all his music vinyls and cds alike put them on a stand alone computer and run them to his stereo so he could easily listen to his music. Now the rough part, He couldnt turn on a pc to save his life. SO my problem begins there. When i was younger as a matter of fact i still have it, Dell made a digital audio receiver. It had its own stand alone lcd screen buttons and everything. So you would never have to touch the computer just the receiver. Thats what I want to get him. I'd use the dell one I have for him however its seriously old and I think would be a crappy gift to receive. Anyhow how it worked was a network cable connected and displayed/played the music through your stereo. Does an item like this still exist? I'd prefer it not to be wireless if possible. I've searched google for hours today and all i keep finding are wireless boxes that just stream music but you still need to press play on the Pc. If anyone has an idea that'd be great I'd really appreciate the help!!!!! 


If you'd like to look up the receiver im talking about the dell one its http://www.amazon.com/Dell-059PXC-Digital-Audio-Receiver/dp/B002TEIB4M this one. 


Also On a lesser note, I'm guessing with the bit rate we are going to need to rip these songs. we are looking at 2 to 3 terabytes of music. If I'd have to guess most are not going to have data listed for each song. So any bright ideas on how to shorten up the data entry of each song? lol anyhow, Thanks for reading and if I'm coming off as a bit scramble brained it's just because I've had enough research of things i have no idea about to save for a lifetime lol. 

Thanks again


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Wow - I hope you guys are prepared for the amount of work this will take. This is not a weekend project - you are talking weeks, probably months of work to get everything properly ripped and tagged.

I think what you are looking for has a few different names: Network Media Player, Network Music Player or even Network Media Server. Some of them have built-in storage, and some depend on external storage located somewhere on the network. You can also do something similar with some of the streaming devices that can be pointed at a media server. Even devices like a DirecTV receiver and an XBox can stream media from a media server. Some of these devices can be expensive - very expensive.

However - ALLof these types of devices require at least a little technical knowledge. Some of them use a remote interface (like from a phone or tablet) that will let you browse, search and play music. No matter what you do, the server has to be running and the user has to be trained on how to browse and select music. With the right software, you could just build the PC so that is boots directly to a media player library interface. They used to make remote controls that were specifically made for this sort of application, but I think the hot ticket these days is to use your smart phone or tablet to control the music server.

Even yif ou get past all these technology issues, I think you may have a bigger issue. You may not understand his old stereo system - but you can d@mn well bet he does. He knows EXACTLY how it sounds - and he appreciates every nuance of the music he listens to. You might automatically assume having all the music ripped and available on hard drive will obviously be "better" - but he might not feel that way. He might like his old vinyl and his current CD player - and your ripped music is going to sound *different* to him.

I guess what I'm saying is: Be careful messing with an audiophile's system. You idea of "better" and his idea of "better" might be two completely different things!

Good luck! wink.gif
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Would you even need to network it?

You could rip it all to an external hard drive and use a player that can play over USB (My denon AV receiver can do that and I'm sure there are plenty of cheaper options that are just players so he can use his existing amp etc).


As said above, the ripping will take weeks though...

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Rip, automatically tag with foobar. Works like a charm for me.
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