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New headphones [Help!]

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Hello all,


I am thinking about buying a pair of new headphones.

Since I don't really feel, I have any real good one to listen to music with. I had first considered buying a pair of Street by 50, But I don't think is it the best solution. Is probably more the brand, than the quality you pay for.


The headphones I currently have to listen to music are:

- Beats by dre: Solo HD
- Sony: Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset Elite


So my goal is to find some, there are better than these I have now, to listen to music with.
The headphones is going to be used mostly, to hear music from PC.

I hear a lot of different music, but at the moment I hear music such as, Avicii, Kongsted, Eminem, etc.

So if the new pair of headphones, have some bass, it would be nice.


I have thinking of buying, one of these:


- Audio Technica ATH 50M

- Audio Technica Pro700 mk2

- Beyerdynamic custom one pro


Are some of theese any good?

And which one will you recommend?


Thanks in advance



Sorry if my english not are the best.

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Momentum on ear

The ws99 is the best though.
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paid 80 bucks after taxes and shipping for the ue6000's and i think i did damn good. I auditioned the m50's, tbh I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. the same could be said of the custom one pro, both are great headphone none the less. the ue6000's are a jack of all trades kind of cans, at least imo.


I listen to anything that sounds beautiful to my ear, so I needed a versatile set of cans. After much debate my choice came down to the ue6000's, sol republic mater tracks xc and the m100's. I chose the ue6000's because they sounded great and were a $150+ cheaper. they met my needs of portability, great sound and they were dirt cheap. after eQing them I'm amazed, and they'll only sound even better after burn in. I forgot to mention how comfortable the ue6000's are! I have some BIG ears so usually I buy iem's, they're great for on the go but I tend to break or lose them quite often. I've been listening to the ue6000's for the last 4 hours straight and I barely notice they are on my head, the ear pads are so comfy!


If your looking for portability, style(subjective) and sQ out of the box then go with the ue6000's. OTOH you can also invest in an amp, it'll get the m50's or the custom one's to where they need to be. imho factoring price and your need for bass: custom one pro < m50 < ue6000.    

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I got a good deal from my contries Logitech online shop, so I decide to try a pair of UE6000.


So thanx for your for your reply/help.



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no problem, gad i could help. eQ them to suit your ear, I have them damn near dialed in on my nexus running poweramp. please return and share what you think of them. 

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