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Hifiman HE-400i and HE-560: From CES to Pre-Launch

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The HE-560 is now available for pre-order!

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We are very excited to let you know that HE-560 is ready for pre-order.


Order it now, and get a travel case for free.




Some early impressions:









The HE-400i is scheduled to launch in the coming month.




HE-560 on the left, HE-400i on the right.  Both sport new headband designs, angled pads and connectors, rotation at the top of the gimbals for better fit, are overall lighter than the previous models, and have updated drivers. Note the wood housing on the 560.  Super excited to hear these! Launching in March [Now incorrect], the HE-400i will retail at $499, and the HE-560 will be on shelves at $899.



Some quotes from Fang Bian in this thread:


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he400i is about 360g or 12 oz.
efficiency is about 93 to 94db.
35 ohm impedance

he560 is about 380g or 13 oz.
efficiency 90db
35 ohm impedance
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new HE headband is VERY different from AKGs'.


Originally Posted by Nankai View Post

CNet pics are headphones with our current earpad. But we did make new earpads for them and we are showing new earpads in CES. We appreciate jorg's research about earpads.

Nice weight chart from Taowolf:


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To put the weight into perspective: 

The HE-400i is 360g 

The HE-560 is 380g

The HE-400 is 440g

The HE-500 is 502g

The LCD-X is 600g

The LCD-XC is 650g


Photo of the HE-400i courtesy of reviewed.com:


Impressions from our own Edwood:

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Listened to the HE-560 yesterday.   Much lighter in weight, new headband is vastly more comfortable, one of the most,  if not THE most comfortable I've ever worn. 


The sound quality is definitely improved from the HE-6.  Smoother treble, but with plenty of extension. Tighter, deeper bass, although from initial impressions, flatter sounding, so perhaps a about less quantity of low bass, but more quality. 


The Teak wood cups are very nice.   I find it interesting that the HE-560 is a step up from the HE-6, but not in name, I'm sure Dr. Fang Bian has more surprises in store for us in the future... 

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Lighter you say? o.o Count me in!

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A new headband design from Hifiman is excellent news as is the lighter weight (although I'd like to know by how much...)

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Really interested in how the 560 compares to the 500. Headband intrigues me, I really don't mind the existing one, though I had to get better earcups, the stock velour on the he-500s were disappointing, so hopefully they have improved upon those.
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While the new headband is going to be great for at-home comfort, I don't think I'd go out in public with that at the crown of my head :p

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I read somewhere the new HFM cans would have revised connectors?


I'm not a fan of the headband but we'll see. I especially do not cherish the idea that the cups will be able to swivel 360 degrees ala Grado, considering the size and weight of the cups themselves.

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I'm welcoming some wood again, those 560's look dreamy! 


I'm guessing the design of the headband will be to help balance the weight. 

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So I'm guessing the 560 = wood one?

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Originally Posted by LugBug1 View Post

I'm welcoming some wood again, those 560's look dreamy!


I'm guessing the design of the headband will be to help balance the weight.

I'm interested... 560 might be in my future.

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Never heard a Hifiman headphone. 


But these are interesting.   



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I agree I find it very ugly too :/ Not the cups but the headband. But as long as it is comfortable and sounds good, I'll keep my mind shut :D

On the other hand, I hate to see the SMA connectors back :/

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Definitely not a fan of the new headbands. :(

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Looks like I'm the only one who actually likes the new design!

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The plastic on the headband slider looks flimsy, only time will tell. Does the "i" on the HE400 means it might have a headphone volume controller/mic?
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